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C David C Reeves Ca'mel Caballero Caballero C Caballero M Cabanilles Cabanilles J Cabaniss Cabee J Cabena Cabena B Cabezon Cabezon A Cabie Cable Cable H Cabrel F Cabus P Cacavas Cacavas J Caccini Caccini D Caccini F Caccini G Caccini S Cachao Cadeac P Cadenbach R Cadicamo E Cadier M Cadman C Cadnansky J Cadow P Cadwallader & Gagn'e Cadwallader & Gagne Caens JP Caens T Caerts L Caesar Caesar A Caesar Hadley & How Caesar W Cafarella A Cafaro Caffarelli R Caffey D Cagan S Cage Cage & Harrison Cage J Cage J & Harrison L Caghar Cagnard G Cahan J Cahn Cahn & Brodszky Cahn & Styne Cahn & van Heusen Cahn S Cahuzac L Caillat S Caillieret A Cailliet L Caimmi I Cain P Cain R Cain T Cairati Cairn & Johnson Caix d'Hervelois L Caixdh CAIXD’HERVELOIX,L Caja A Cajate-Garcia Cajkovski Cajkovskij P Calabro L Calandra Calandrelli J Calantropio S Calatayud Caldara Caldara A Calderoni & Donini Calderoni & Sansuini Caldini F Caldwell Caldwell & Ivory Caldwell J Caldwell M Calhoun . Calhoun B Caliero P Calis T Calkin Calkin B Calkin J Call Call L Call, L Callaerts J Callaghan & Williams Callahan & Thompson Callahan F Callan Callanain Calland & Adams Calland & Harris Calland B Calland D Callaway K Callaway S Callcott W Calleja Callert G Callhoff H Calliezie E Calligaris S Calling Calmel J Calmel R Calogero Caloianu L Cals Cals M Caltabiano R Caluda G Caludi Calva R Calvert I Calvert M Calvi G Calvi P Calviere G Calvin J Calvisius Calvisius S Calvisius S / Praetorius M Calvo Calvo M Calvo Manzano Calvorcoressi Camara J Cambern Cambin Cambini Cambini G Cambissa G Cambreling C Cambreling S Camden Camel R Camenzuli D Cameo Camerini M Cameron Cameron J Cameron A Cameron C Cameron J Camidge J Camilieri C Camilleri Camilleri C Camilleri L Camillo de Spagnolis G Cammack T Cammarota C Cammin Camner Camonin P Camp Campagne C Campagnoli Campagnoli b Campana F Campana J Campanelli R Campbell Campbell & Greated Campbell & Greated Campbell & Hedger Campbell & Palmer Campbell & Tucker Campbell & Wade Campbell A Campbell B Campbell D Campbell E Campbell G Campbell Greated & Myers Campbell L Campbell M Campbell N Campbell P Campbell R Campbell S Campbell-Towell L Campbell-Watson F Campen Campen A.vanvan Campen A Campfield Camphouse M Campian & Jones Campion Campion E Campion F Campion T Campion T / Gibbons O Campione A Campione C Campioni Campling A Campo D Campo R Campolieti L Camporelli B Campos F Campos M Campos-Parsi H Campra Campra A Campsie Camus P Camusat S Canac H Canal M Canales M Canali F Canaro J Canat de Chizy E Canavesio A Canciello Candall Candeille Candeille A Candish Candish C Candlebox Candler Candlyn T Caner E Canfield J Cangel Cangiano Cangiasi G Canino B Canmer Cann & Mayes Cannabich Cannabich C Cannabich/Mozart Cannel Cannell Cannibal Corpse Canning T Cannio E Cannon Cannon & Geldard Cannon & Willens Cannon H Cannon P Cannonball Adderley Cano Cano A Cano C Cano J Canoness of Notre-Dame Cantallos Cantamus Canteloube J Cantin J Cantiones P Cantone C Cantor Canty D Canuti G Canwell Canwell P Capaldi J Capaletti Capanna R Capdenat P Capdevielle P Capdeville R Capek Capel J Capelier M Capelle F Capelletti Capers V Capes Capes D Capet L Capirola V Capitani G Caplet Caplet A Caplin W Capodaglio L Capone P Caponigro Caporale Caporale A Capossela V Cappatti C Cappelli Cappelli & Tosto Cappelli F Cappelli G Capplinger D Capra Capricornus S Capstan Chantey Captain & Tenille Captain & Tennille Captain Sensible Capua Capua E Capuis Caputo B Capuzzi Capuzzi A Capuzzi, A Capuzzo Capyrine D Cara & Brocco Cara I Cara M Cara/Brocco Caraba P Carafa M Caramia T Caratge F Caratini P Caravelli Carazo C Carbon Carbonelli S Carboni M Carboni R Cárcamo J Carcani G Carcasio G Carcassi Carcassi M Carcelen Card Cardew Cardew C Cardew P Cardi M Cardiasmenos S Cardillo S Cardinaux M Cardini G Cardon Cardon J Cardon J-B Cardon R Cardona Cardoso Cardoso L Cardoso M Careri E Caresana C Carew Carey Carey & Clive Carey & Smith Carey & Westlife Carey Bell Carey C Carey H Carey J Carey M Carey P Carey, H Carezza A Carideo A Carion M Carissimi Carissimi G Carissini G Cariven M Carl Fischer Carl G Carl M Carl Perkins Carl R Carl Sigman Carles M Carleston S Carletti G Carlevado A Carlevaro & Sanz Carlevaro A Carley Carley I Carley I Carli Carli J Carlin R Carlin Y Carlingeanu-Birtu N Carlini J Carlisle B Carlo M Carlos Arana Carlos Gardel Carlos Santana Carlson B Carlson D Carlson R Carlton Carlton B Carlton R Carluccio Carluccio F Carm D Carman F Carman M Carmel Carmen Carmichael Carmichael & Parish Carmichael H Carmichael J Carmine Appice Carnahan C Carnall A Carnaud J Carne Carne G Carneci C Carner Carney Carney Ellington & Mills Carnovich & Mancuso Carnovich E Carnsey T Carol Carol Clerk Carol H Carol Kaye Carol-Berard Carolan Carolan N Carolan T Carole King Carolo Caron Caron A Caroso F Caroso M Carpenter Carpenter A Carpenter C Carpenter G Carpenter H Carpenter J Carpenter Keene & Wood Carpenter Mc Carpenter R Carpenter R - The Carpenters Carpenter T Carpentier A Carpio-Valdes R Carr Carr & Evans Carr A Carr B Carr E Carr G Carr J Carr L Carr P Carr-Boyd & Keane Carran M Carratello Carraud G Carravelli Carraz P Carre G Carre R Carre-Chesneau T Carreau & Lemetre Carreno Carreno I Carreno T Carridge M Carriere & Ierardi Carriere P Carrillo Carrillo C Carrillo J Carrissimi G Carriveau R Carrodus Carrol Long & Mayne Carroll Carroll B Carroll F Carroll H Carroll I Carroll M Carroll P Carroll R Carroll T Carroll W Carrolli Carron W Cars Carse Carse A Carson B Carson C Carson J Carson P Carson Turner Carson Turner B Carste H Cartan J Carter Carter Carter & Beall Carter & Bell Carter & Hudson Carter A Carter Beauford Carter Ben Carter Burwell Carter C Carter D Carter E Carter Family Carter J Carter J Carter K Carter L Carter M Carter P Carter R Carter S Carter S Carter T Carter W Carthew & Fairbairn Carthew & Nixon Cartier J Carto T Carton M Carturan C Cartwright Cartwright P Caruba A Carubia Carubia & Drewes Carulli Carulli B Carulli F Carulli G Caruso Caruso & Farkas Caruso & Tetrazzini Caruso J Carussimi G Carvalhinho & Monteiro Carvalho U Carver Carver A Carver Hart & Hawthorne Carver R Carwithen D Cary Cary A Cary T Caryll Caryon-Martineau Casabona Casadeseus M Casadesus Casadesus C Casadesus F Casadesus G Casadesus H Casadesus M Casadesus R Casado R Casali Casali G Casali L Casals Casals P Casanas E Casanova A Casanovas Casas P Casavas Cascarino R Casciolini Casciolini & Viadana Casciolini C Case Case A Case G Case J Casella A Casella & Mortari Casella & Ravel Casella A Casemajor L Casey & Jacobs Casey Scheuerell Cash Cashian Cashmore Cashmore D Casiday A Casimir-Ney L Casini Casini G Casiniere & Dupont Casio Casken Casken J Caskie H Casorti Casorti A Caspar F Cass Cassado Cassado G Cassado J Casselin N Cassell Cassen & Mulroney Casserley Cassey Cassey C Cassidy D Cassils Cassils C Cassio Duarte Cassio F Cassler G Cassoon Cassuto A Cast Castagner J Castagnie Castaldi P Castaldo J Castaldo R Castanie G Castanos M Castella Castelli Castello Castello D Castelnouvo-Tedesco Mario Castelnuova Castelnuovo Castelnuovo M Castelnuovo T Castelnuovo V Castelnuovo-Tedesco Castelnuovo-Tedesco m Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco; Giuliani Casterede J Castet F Castiglioni N Castil Blaze F Castilla Castilla-Avila A Castillo Castillo & Asturias Castillo R Casting Crowns Castle Castle A Castle J Castle-Blaze J Castleton G Castro Castro C-A Castro D Castro J Castrucci P Casucci L Casulana M Caswell & Coombes Cat Stevens Catala R Catalani Catalani A Catalano N Cataldo T Cataleni A Catalini Catalini A Catarsi M Catatonia Catel S Catelinet Catelinet P Cates Catherine G Catherine Rollin Catherine T Catherwood Catherwood D Cathey R Cathrine Cathrine T Cathy Blair Cato Catoni & Viciani Catozzi Catozzi A Cattabeni F Cattaneo A Cattaneo G Cattaneo P Cattin J Cattouse N Caturla A Cauchie M Cauciello Caurette A Caussade G Caussade M Causton R Causton T Caustun T Caute D Cauvin P Cauwelier & Vandecaveye Cavaccio Cavaccio G Cavaille A Cavalier D Cavalieri E Cavalieri L Cavall Cavalli F Cavallini Cavallini E Cavallini P Cavally R Cavanna B Cavarri Cavazzoli G Cavazzoni Cavazzoni G Cave T Cavendish M Caviani Caviani R Cavicchi D Cavillini Cavocci G Cawkwell R Cayabyab Cazaban C Cazaneuve E Cazzati Cazzati M Cearbhall·in T Cearbhall·in Toirdhealbhach Ceballos R Ceccarelli J & A Ceccarelli M Ceccarossi D Ceccherini Cecchino Cecconi-Botella M CeCe Winans Cecere Cecere C Cech C Cechvala A Cecil Cecil R Cedronio D Cegledy Cegledy, J Ceinciau Celeda Celentano A Celentano D Celine Dion Celine Dion / Bee Gees Celletti R Cellier Cellier A Centemeri G Center Center R Centola Cepeda Cerchio B Cere R Ceremuga J Cererols J Cerf J Cerha Cerha F Cerny F Ceroli Cerqueira F Cerreno T Certon Certon P Cerulli Cerulli B Cerulli B Cerutti W Cervantes Cervantes I Cervelló J Cervetti S Cervetto Cervetto G Cervetto J Cervetto, Giacomo Basevi Cesar Malan H Cesare G Cesari Renis & Testa Cesarini Cesarini F Cesi B Cesil R Cesis S Cesti M Cetera P Cettier P Ceulemans I Ch Guidry R Cha-Cha Chabas E Chabran F Chabrier Chabrier A Chabrier E Chad Johnson Chad Smith Chadaillat P Chadal M Chadfield E Chadwick Chadwick G Chadwick R Chadwick S Chafe E Chaffee Chagnon H Chagnon R Chagrin Chagrin F Chailleux Chailleux A Chailley & Maillard Chailley J Chailley M Chaillou D Chailly Chailly I Chailly L Chaitkin Chaitkin D Chaix C Chaka Demus & Plier Chakanov B Chakov I Challan A Challan H Challan R Challinor F Challulau T Chalmers Chalmers K Chalpin Chamberlain Chamberlain L Chamberlayne E Chambers Chambers D Chambers P Chaminade Chaminade C Chaminade C; Massenet J Chamninade C Chamouard P Champagne & Balmayer Champagne C Champion Champneys F Chan M Chance E Chance J Chance J-B Chandler Chandler C Chandler M Chandler S Chandler White & Cohen Chandonnet Chandoschkin Chandoschkin I Chang & Thurmond Changuito & Silverman Changuito (Quinana J) Chanler T Channel Chanon P Chansarel R Chanson Chant G Chantavoine J Chantereau M Chanticleer Chantry T Chapel Chapela E Chapelier Chapi Chapi R Chapin Chapin & Chapin Chapin J Chaplin Chaplin & Cahn Chaplin C Chapma & Kaz Chapman Chapman C Chapman E Chapman M Chapman R Chapman T Chapmin Chappel Chappel H Chappell Chappell H Chappell J Chappell W Chapple Chapple B Chappot Chappot E Chapuis A Chapungco Charamela Real Charbonnier & Jacquier Charbonnier G Charbonnier J Chardon F Chardon Y Charente C Charles Charles & Eddie Charles & Parker Charles Aznavour Charles C Charles E Charles Lloyd Jnr Charles Mingus Charles R Charles Strouse Charles T Charles Trenet Charles W Charles-Henry Charleson Charleson B Charlesworth Charlesworth C Charleworth Brown & Wayman Charleworth Brown & Wayman Charleworth C Charlie Barlow & Hi Charlie Byrd Charlie Chaplin Charlie Christian Charlie McCoy Charlie Parker Charlie Rich Charlier & Sourisse Charlier & Sourisse B Charlier T Charlier Th Charlies Angels Charlotte Church Charlton Charlton & Peipman Charlton & Steadman Charlton A Charlton D Charlton R Charmettes Charmon & Malando Charmon E Charnofsky Charnofsky J Charnopsky Charpenter M Charpentier Charpentier G Charpentier J Charpentier L Charpentier M Charpentier M-A Charpentier R Charron D Charron J Charron; Lesaffre Charrosin Charrosin F Chart Charters S Chartreux A Chas & Dave Chasalow E Chase Chase A Chase B Chassain O Chastanet J Chateau O Chater M Chaterrobinson P Chatfield F Chatman Chatman S Chatrou P Chatschaturjan K Chattelun M Chatterley Chatterley A Chatterton Chatton P Chaubet G Chaudoir F Chaulk D Chauls Chaumette G Chaumont E Chaumont H Chaumont L Chausson Chausson E Chausson; Schubert Chautemps J Chauveau M Chauveau MR Chauvet Chauvet A Chauvet C Chauvet M Chauviere J Chavagnat E Chavanne A Chavanne H Chavarri Chavarri E Chavez Chavez C Chaynes C Chazanoff D Chazin-Bennahum J Cheap Trick Cheape H Chebalin V Ched E Ched N Chedeville Chedeville E Chedeville E-P Chedeville l'Aine P Chedeville N Chediville Cheetah Girls Cheetham Cheetham J Chef d'Orge H Chelleri F Chemberdgi N Chemin-Petit H Chemla T Chen H Chen M Chen N Chen Q Chen X Chen Y Chen Yi Chenault Chenette E Chenette J Chenette R Chenneviere D Chenoweth Chenoweth W Chepponis Cher Cheret C Chermin Chernetski A. Cherney Cheron A Cherry C Cherry Ghost Cherubini Cherubini L Cherubini L. Cherubini M Cherubini; Farrenc L Cherubito Cherwein Cherwien D Cherwien D Chesham E Chesnokov P Chester & Ford Chester C Cheston A Chet Atkins Chet Baker Cheung Cheung A Chevaillier C Chevaillier L Chevais M Chevalier de St George Chevalier de St-Georges JB Chevalier M Chevallier A Chevallier D Chevelle Chevignard G Chevillard C Chew Cheyne C Chia D Chiabrano Chiampan T Chiapparin T Chiaramello Chic Chicago Chicago Blues Chick Corea Chick S Chidester L Chien Chien N-C Chierici F Chigaroff Chignell R Chihara Chihara P Chilcot T Chilcott Chilcott & Hunt Chilcott B Chilcott R Chilcottt B Child Child S Child W Childers B Children of Bodom Childs B Childs B & N Childs D Childs E Chilese B Chilesotti Chilesotti O Chilla K Chin G Chin U Chincore Ching B Ching J Ching Y Chinn Chinn & Chapman Chinn T Chinzer Chinzer G Chipkin K Chirinos Chirol J Chisham D Chislett L Chissell J Chistiansen & Bock Chisum & Sadler Chitarra Chiti G Chivers C Chlowdowski Chmoulevitch V Cho G Choa D Chobanian Chobanian L Chodosh R Choisnel G Choisy L Cholley P Cholopova & Cholopov Cholopova V Cholplin P Chominski Chon Chong Chong K Chopin Chopin & Rossini Chopin - Liszt Chopin / Liszt Chopin / Mendelssohn Chopin, Fryderyk Chopin; Albeniz Chopin; Albeniz; Khachaturian Chopin; Bateman Chopin; Mozart Chopin; Schubert Choplin Choplin P Choppen Choquard A Chorbajian Chorbajian J Choreley Chorheft Chosez F Chou W-C Chout V Choveaux Chow S-S Chown A Chpelitch A Chreni Chrenn Chrennikow T Chretien G Chretien H Chris Cornell Chris de Burgh Chris Haigh Chris Hunt Chris Isaak Chris Kringel Chris Rea Chris Thile Chris Wagoner Chris Welch Christee J Christelow I Christenius J Christensen Christensen J Christensen T Christian Christian C Christian P Christiano Galvao Christians Christiansen Christiansen & Bock Christiansen C Christiansen C & C Christiansen C & M Christiansen J Christiansen M Christiansen M & C Christiansen P Christianson K Christie M Christie T Christina Aguilera Christina Aquilera Christina Drewing Christina Sturmer Christodoulides A Christopher Christopher C Christopher K Christopher Maloney Christou J Christy Moore Chtchetinsky A Chua D Chubby Checker Chuck Berry Chuck Corea Chuck Mangione Chuck Rio Chuck Sher & Marc Johnson Chuck Wayne Chuckerbutty Chuckerbutty O Chudoba Chuec & Valverde Chueca Chueca & Valverde Chugunov Y Chun Wilt P Chung Chung C Chupungco Church Church J Church R Churches Churchill Churchill F Churchill H Churchill Wallace & Young Chuter H Chwatal F Chydenius J Chylinsk Chylinska Chyrzynski Chyrzynski M Ciago R Ciampi M Cianchettini V Cianchi E Cianci B Ciani Ciani S Ciardi Ciardi C CIark Cibells Cibin V CibinV Cibulka F Cicchetti D Cichowicz V Ciebra J Ciesla & Rene Cieslak Cieslik & Beering Cieslik T Cifra Cifra A Cigarettes & Alcohol Ciglic Z Cignola G Cikker J Cilea F Cilens Cilensek Cilensek J Cima Cima A Cima G Cima G P Cimadevilla Cimador G Cimarosa Cimarosa A Cimarosa D Cimarosa D. Cimera Cimera & Hovey Cimorosa D Cinarosa D Cinderella Cini G Cinque V Cioffari R Ciovanniani C Cipolla & Hunsberger Cipps R Cipullo T Ciravolo T Cirone Cirri Cirri G Cirri G-B Cirri, G Ciry Ciry M Cisco Houston Cisler & Hinson Cisler & Hinson Citron Ciurli Ciurlionis Civil A Civil D Civil War Civil-Castellvi F Civilotti A Claassen A Clack Clacket Claessen L Claisse C Clancy W Clannad Claoue Y Clapp S Clapperton J Clapton E Clapton Eric Clardy M Clare & Whiting Clare S Clarfield & Alexander Clari Claribel Clark Clark & Chadwick Clark & Kovac Clark & Lockyer Clark & O'Loughlin Clark & Schmidt Clark & Smith Clark & Young Clark A Clark D Clark F Clark H Clark J Clark L Clark M Clark N Clark P Clark R Clark S Clark T Clark Umansky Goodhart & McLachlan Clark V Clark W Clarke Clarke & Cook Clarke & Shore Clarke & Thorn Clarke A Clarke D Clarke Dibben & Pitts Clarke E Clarke F Clarke H Clarke J Clarke K Clarke M Clarke N Clarke R Clarke Z Clarke-Whitfield J Clarke; Purcell Clarkson Clarkson E Clarkson K Clarkson M Clash Classens H Classic FM Classici B Clatterbuck Clatterbuck Clatterbuck R Claude Claude Francois Claude M Claude Nougaro Claudin Claudio & David Contini Claus R Clauseck J Clausen Clausen R Clausen R. Claussman A Claussmann A Claussnitzer Claussnitzer P Clavell M Clavers R Clawson Claxton W Clay J Claybourne & Treays Clayderman R Clayre A Clayson A Clayton Clayton & Mullen Clayton Jr J Clayton K Clayton M Clayton N Clayton P Clayton S Cleary B Cleeve Clegg G Clegg J Clemencic R Clemens Clemens J Clemens (Non Papa) Clemens J Clemens non Papa Clemens T Clemens; Lasso Clement Clement D Clément D. Clément D.Clement D Clement J Clement N Clement V Clement, V Clemente Clementi Clementi M Clementi; Pleyel Clements Clements A Clements J Clements V Clemmens Cleo Laine Cleobury S Cleopatra Clerambault Clerambault L Clerambault L-N Clerambault N Clerc Clergue J Clerisse Clerisse P Clerisse R Clerk C Clermont H Cleveland Clews Clews E Cliff Cliff Douse Cliff Richard Cliff T Clifford Clifford Brown Clifford Grey Clifford H Clifton Chenier Clifton H Climax Blues Band Cline Cline P Clinkscale M Clint Black Clint Eastwood Clippinger D Cliquet-Pleyel H Clive P Clodomir P Clokey Clokey J Clostermann Clostre A Cloud P Clough Clough Th Clouzot M Clover D Clover T Clucas Clucas H Clutsam Clutsam G Clutsman Clutsman G Cluzeau Mortet L CMA Coakley Coakley D Coast To Coast Coates Coates & Bradley Coates & Pestalozza Coates D Coates E Coates J Coates K Coates L Cobb Cobb & Channel Cobb G Cobb N Cobbe H Cobham B Cobian Cobine A Coble W Cobo D Cobut F Cocchi G Coccia Cocciante Cocciante R Cocciante A Cochereau & Carbou Cochereau & Largueze Cochereau P Cocheux R Cochran E Cochran M Cochrane P Cockcroft R Cocker Cocker J & Warnes J Cocker N Cockfield & Wilton Cockrell D Cockroft R Cocks D Cockshott Cockshott G Coco Coco J Cocquard Coda C Code Codina G Coe D Coe K Coe M Coe T Coeck Coeck A Coehlo V Coelho Coelho V Coenen F Coenen H Coenen J Coenen P Coerne L Cofalik Cofalik & Twardowski Cofalik-Garscia Coffee Cofield Cofiner E Cofone Cogan R Cogen P Coggan M Coggin Coggin E Coggins Coggins & Ployhar Coggins & Weber Coghlan Coghlan M Coghlan M & M Cogne G Cogni G Cohan Cohan G Cohan M Cohan/Price/Besig Cohanier E Coheed & Cambria Cohen Cohen & Spearing Cohen & Surmelian Cohen A Cohen D Cohen E Cohen G Cohen J Cohen Jo. Cohen L Cohen M Cohen R Cohen S Cohen-Melamed N Cohn Cohn A Cohu M Coignard M Coinel R Coiteux & Bouhour Coiteux F Coke Coke-Jephcott N Coker Coker Casale Campbell & Greene Coker J Coker W Cokeroft B Colarizi G Colbaugh N Colbeck J Colborn A Colbran I Colburn L Coldplay Cole Cole & Dale Cole & Lewis Cole B Cole C Cole G Cole H Cole J Cole K Cole L Cole M Cole Natalie Cole Porter Cole RK Cole U Cole W Cole-Shuttleworth Coleby G Coleman Coleman & Fields Coleman & Gasman Coleman & Leigh Coleman & Murray Coleman & Stewart Coleman & Zippel Coleman B Coleman C Coleman Cy Coleman H Coleman T Coleman V Coleridge Taylor S Coleridge-Taylor Coleridge-Taylor S Coles Coles P Coles S Coletti P Colf Colgrass Colgrass M Coli R Colin Colin C Colin Cowles C Colin G Colin J Colista Colista L Colla & Lewis Collage Collard E Collatti D Collazo J Collective Sl Collective Soul Colledge Colledge & Colledge Colledge H & K Colledge K & H Colledge P Colles J Collet H Collette J Colliard A Collier Collier D Collier G Collier J Collier T Collier V Colligan M Collin C Collings K Collingwood A Collins Collins & Leigh Collins A Collins C Collins D Collins H Collins J Collins P Collins R Collins Rice Collins S Collinson Collinson F Collinson R Collis J Collison V Collisson W Colls P Collum Collum H Colombani Q Colombatti Colombi G Colomer B Colonnato F Colonne J Colourfield Colquhoun Colt C Coltrane J Coltro B Columbini F Colvin S Colvin T Colvin T Colwell Colwell & Richardson Colwell R Combelle Combelle F Combes-Damiens J Combes-Damiens; Beethoven Combs M Come T Comes J Comis M Comitas A Comley H Commer F Commette E Commitments Commodores Compello Compello J Compere L Compostel B Comtois-Cahen D Conati & Grilli Concato F Conchords Concina F Concone Concone G Concone L Concrete Blonde Conde G Condon L Cone Conen H Conforzi I Confrey Confrey E Confrey Z Conley Conley D Conley L Connell H Connelly Conner-Morris Connery B Connesson G Connick H Jr Connolly Connolly C Connolly E Connon B Connor B Connor H Connor T Conrad C Conrad M Conrad P Conradi A Conry Cons Constant Constant F Constant M Constantine J Constantinescu P Constantinides D Conte Conte & Virano Conte J Conte P Contesse H Conti Conti & Leeson Conti B Conti F Conti L Contilli G Conus Conus G Conus J Converse Converse C Converse F Convery Conway & Hodgman Conway P Conybeare C Conyngham Conyngham B Coo Coo Dolls Cook Cook & Everist Cook & Wood Cook C Cook E Cook J Cook K Cook M Cook N Cook R Cook S Cook V Cook W Cooke Cooke & Horn Cooke & Reed Cooke A Cooke B Cooke D Cooke G Cooke J Cooke M Cooke R Cooke S Cooke T Cooke W Cool Folk Coolidge R Cooling & Hart Coolman T Cools & Gavel Cools E Cooman C Coombes Coombes & Morris Coombes D Coombs S Cooney Cooper Cooper & Foster Cooper & Prandi Cooper B Cooper C Cooper D Cooper E Cooper I Cooper J Cooper K Cooper M Cooper P Cooper S Cooper T Coopersmith H Coorf Coote Coots Coots & Gillespie Coots F Coots J Cope Cope C Cope T Copeland Copeland K Copera Coperario Coperario G Copland Copland A Copley Copley I Copley P Copley-Woods A Copocci T Copper J Coppieters Coppola P Coprario J Coquard A Coquery J Cor Kee Coran S Corbeel R Corbeille H Corbet Corbet F Corbett Corbett F Corbett I Corbett W Corbetta Corbetta F Corbiere P Corbin A Corbitt N Corda Music Cordell Cordell F Cordera E Cordero E Cordero FC Cordero R Cordier R Cordier-Foucher C Cordiferro R Cordoba & de Donnier Cords Corea Corea C Coreggio C Corelli Corelli / Frescobaldi Corelli A Corelli A / Poss H Corelli A; Krebs Corelli F Coretta G Corette Corette M Corey Christiansen Corfe Corfe J Corghi A Cori L Corigliano Corigliano J Corini L Corinne Bailey Corinne Bailey Rae Cork C Cork P Corker Cormack Cormier Cornago J Cornall & Hedger Cornall N Cornelius P Cornelius Cornelius B Cornelius P Corner Corner D Corner G Cornershop Cornet S Cornette Cornette V Cornick & Rae Cornick M Corniola F Corniot R Cornysh W Cornysshe W Coronel G Coronel G Corp Corp R Corradini Corradini N Corrao V Correa Correa C Correa de Arauxo Correa de Arauxo F Correggia E Correli Correll M Correlli Corret Corrette Corrette G Corrette M Corri S Corrs Corrs The Corsi Cortecchio Corteccia Cortes Cortes R Cortese L Cortez Corti S Cortopassi D Cortot A Cory & Cross Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons Cory G Cory P Coryat K Coryell L Coryn R Cosentino & Andreola Cosentino S Cosgrove M Coslett M Cosma E Cosma V Cosme L Cosnett E Cossaboom S Cossart Cosset F Cossetto Cossetto E Cossmann Cossmann B Cost G Costa Costa O Costa P Costa-Agostini-Gastoldi Costanzo Coste Coste N Costeley Costeley G Costello Costello E Costello Music Costerley G Costes L Cosyns Cota Cota Cotes A Cotrufo P Cotte R Cotter Cotter G Cottet J Cotticelli & Maione Cottignies C Cottin M Cottler Cottler I Cottom S Cotton Cotton M Cotton W Cottrau G Cottrau T Coucounaras S Coueffe Gouinguene Couf Couflon de Kerdellec'h Couillaud H Couineau P Coulais & Barratier Couleau J Coullon H Coulombe Saint-Marcoux M Coulpied-Sevestre G Coulter G Coulter S Coulter W Coulthard Coulthard E Coulthard J Council T Count Basie Counting Crows Counting CWS Couperin Couperin A Couperin F Couperin L Couperin; Exaude Couppey F Couprie C Courage Courage & Goldsmith Courage A Courbin Courbois P Courcy-Smale P Couriss-Creig O Courlander Cournet F Couroupos G Courras P Course Court & Whitlock Court D Courteville Courteville R Courtioux J Courtney Courtney & Red Courtney C Courtney C Courtney Pine Courtney V Courtney V Courtois J Courtois P Courvoisir W Cousin E Cousineau Cousins J Coutanson G Coutts G Couturier J Cova & Scheiders Covach & Boome Covach & Boone Covello Covello S Covert B Covino Cowan Cowan D Cowan J Cowan M Coward Coward L Coward N Coweles C Cowell Cowell H Cowen Cowen F Cowen M Cowewll H Cowherd R Cowie Cowie E Cowle C Cowles Cowles C Cowley J Cowley N Cowlin P Cowlin R Cowper W Cox Cox & Bishop Cox & Linh Cox A Cox D Cox H Cox J Cox M Cox N Cox R Cox-Simon Cozens J Cozy Powell Cozzolani C Crabb C Crabtree J Crackel H Cracker Cracknell D Craddock P Craddy P Craeyvanger K Craggs S Cragun Crahan Craig Craig Armstrong Craig David Craig F Cram J Cramer Cramer A Cramer C Cramer H Cramer J Cramer J-B Cramer M Cramner Crane & Martin Cranen Cranitch E Cranitch M Cranmer Cranmer P Cranshaw B Crappius A Crary Crary D Cras J Crasborn-Mooren P Crash Test Dummies Craven B Craven L Cravitz I Crawford R Crawford T Crawford W Crawley Crawley C Craxton Craxton & Richardson Craxton H Cray R Crazy Town Cream Creamer Creamer & Johnson Creamer & Layton Creatore Crecquillion T Crecquillon Crecquillon T Cree Brown C Creed Creed J Creedance Clearwater Creedence Creedence Clearwater Creedence Clearwater Revival Crees Crees & Gane Crees E Cremer C Cremer R Cremieux Cremont Cremont P Creole Crepin A Crequillon Crescenz V Creser W Crespo Cresswell L Creston Creston P Creston P Creswick T Creton Creusot J Creutziger V Creutziger V H Creuzberg Creuze R Crewe Crewe & Gaudia Crewe & Nolan Criado Garcia M Cribelli A Crichton Crichton R Crimlisk Crioinin D Criotier L Cripps C Criscio H Crist B Crist E Crist M Crist W Criswick M Critelli C Crittenden C Crivelli G Croce Croce G Croce-Spinelli Crocker Crocker & Hiley Crocker & Leavitt Crocker E Crockett D Crocq J Croft Croft D Croft V Croft W Croft-Jackson Crofton & Fraser Croghlan Croisez A Cromie Cromie M Crompton C Croner D Cronham C Crook Crook & Burakoff Crook & Walker Crook H Crookall M Crooke & Romney Crooke S Crookes Crookes B Crookes S Crooks Cropper & Pickett Cropper & Redding Cropper S Cropton M Crosby & Kirby Crosby B Crosby M Crosby Stills & Nash Crosby Stills Nash & Young Cross & Sherratt Cross C Cross J Crosse G Crosse W Crosskey Crossley J Crossley-Holland Crossley-Holland P Crossman G Crotch Crotch W Croton Croubelis Crouch Crouch & Lafferty Crouch F Croucher Croucher T Crousier C Crow B Crow B Crow E Crow E J Crow S Crowded House Crowe E Crowe Lawton & Whittaker Crowley L Crown Heights Affair Crowther V Crozier & Harris Crozzoli S Crrepin Cruchon P Crucius H Crueger J Crueger J; Gumpelzhaimer A Cruft Cruft A Cruger Cruger J Cruikshank G Cruise Crum A Crum D Crumb G Crummit F Crump H Crusaders Crusell Crusell B Crust W Crutchfield J Cruz I Crystal Lewis Csemiczky M Csenki I Csepei T Csermak Cseteyi Csillag P Csonka P Csupor L Cuccia Cueto Cugat Cugnot A Cugny L Cui Cui C Cui, Cesar Cukier M Cull Cullaz P Cullen A Cullen D Culpepper Culpepper C Cult Culture Beat Culture Club Culver Cuma Cumberland G Cumming J Cumming R Cummings Cummings B Cummings H Cummings L Cummings-Knight Cummiskey T Cummngs Cundell E Cunelli G Cuneo A Cuniot L Cunliffe Cunliffe B Cunliffe S Cunnigham & McCall Smith Cunnigham T Cunningham A Cunningham J Cunningham M Cunningham P Cunningham T Cunningham-WoodS Cupis J-B Cupis Lejeune F Cupis-Nachez Cupp & Schaum Cure Curi A Curie M Curiosity Killed The Cat Curl Curnow Curnow & Curnow Curnow J Curnow P Curnow P & J Currie R Currier N Currier S Curry A Curry C Curry D Curtis Curtis F Curtis M Curtis Mayfield Curtis S Curtis W Curtis-Smith C Curtright Curtright C Curwen Curwen A Curwin C Cury Curzon Curzon F Cusatis Custer L Cutler Cutler J Cutter Cutting Cutting F Cuttinge Cutts P Cutts P Cutugno & Dassin Cutugno Losito & Pasquale Cuypers H Cuzner K Cwojdzinski Cy Coleman Cyndi Lauper Cynthia Pace Cyprys Cytron W Czadek Czarnecki S Czerniewicz M Czernik W Czernowin C Czerny Czerny & Diabelli Czerny & Hanon Czerny C Czerny; Bertini Czibulka Czibulka A Czidra Cziffra G Czyz Czyz H