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H Haller H.I.M. Haack P Haacke Haag Haag F Haage U Haan Haan R Haantjes M Haas Haas & Schneider Haas G Haas J Haas P Haazen Haazen G Haba Haba A Haba K Haber Haber R Haberb Haberl W Habert H Habert J Hachimura Y Hacken E Hackh Hacquart C Hadamowsky Hadar J Haddad Haddad D Hadden Hadden D Haddermann J Hadermann Hadermann J Hadjaje & Carles Hadjidakis M Hadju Hadley Hadley H Hadley P Hadow W Hadyn Haefliger Haenni Haenni C Haensel F Haensel P Haentjes W Haerle Haerle D Haerle Petersen & Matteson Haffter Hafner K Hagamann P Hagar S Hageman Hageman P Hageman R Hagemann Hagemann & Leka Hagemann P Hagemann V Hagemann W Hagen Hagen A Hagen D Hagen E Hagen J Hagen R Hager O Hagerman H & J Hagg H Haggerty B Hagius K Hagiwara T Hagoel K Hague Hague A Hahn Hahn J Hahn C Hahn D Hahn P Hahn R Hahn S Haick V Haiden H Haider Haider H Haidmayer K Haieff Haieff A Haigh C Haigh J Haigh M Haik Vantoura S Haikovich A Hailstork Hailstork A Haimo E Haines E Haines H Haines N Haines W Hairspray Hairston Hairston J Hait M Hajdu Hajdu A Hajdu L Hajdu M Hajek A Hake W Hakenberg S Hakenberger A Hakes D Hakim Hakim & Dufourcet Hakim N Hakim O Hakim; Karg-Elert Hakola K Hal Leonard Halaczinsky R Halahan G Halasz Halberstadt R Halbesma R Halbig Halbreich Halbreich H Haldenberg Hale A Halen Halen O Halen W Halenko J Hales Hales H Haletzki Halevy Halevy F Halevy J Halevy J-F Haley B Haley E Haley R Halferry Halferty Halferty F Halffter Halffter C Halffter E Halffter R Halffter-Escriche R Halfin R Halford Halilet Hall Hall & Drayton Hall & Gritton Hall & Harris Hall & Kuchmy Hall & Macardle Hall & Manus Hall & Richardson Hall & Wooding Hall A Hall C Hall D Hall D & Oates J Hall E Hall G Hall H Hall I Hall J Hall Johnson Hall K Hall M Hall P Hall R Hall S Hall W H Hallam Hallam Cross & Thaut Hallar L Hallauer Halldorsson P Hallen A Haller Haller H Haller He Haller M Halley Halley P Hallgrimmer H Hallgrimsson Hallgrimsson H Halliday P Hallifax A Halligan R Halliwell R Hallma Hallman D Halloran D Halloween Hallquist G Halls D Hallyday J Halm G Halmekangas Halmos Halmos L Halpern E Halphen F Halse L Halsey Halsey L Halstead A Halstrom H Halt M Haltenberg B Haltermeyer H Halvor Halvorsen Halvorsen J Ham Ham M Hamal J Hamann & Gillespie Hamann H Hamberlin L Hamble Hamblen B Hamblen S Hambly & Davies Hambourg Hambourg M Hambraeus B Hamburger Hamburger & Woldike Hamburger D Hamburger P Hamburger/Smith Hamby B Hameenniemi Hamel G Hamel K Hamel P Hamelin Hamelin C Hamelin M Hamelin M-A Hamelle M Hamer G Hamer J Hamer R Hamerik A Hamerton A Hamill Hamill P Hamilton Hamilton A Hamilton Bohannen Hamilton E Hamilton Harty Hamilton I Hamilton J Hamilton K Hamlin C Hamlisch Hamlisch & Kleban Hamlisch & Kleben Hamlisch M Hamm Hamm C Hamm V Hammel & Hourigan Hammerschmidt A Hammerschmitt M Hammerstein Hammerstein O Hammond & Bettis Hammond A Hammond D Hammond H Hammond M Hamner R Hamori Hamori T Hampton Hampton & Adams Hampton & Buke Hampton A Hampton C Hampton D Hampton K Hampton R Hampton W Hampton-Forester Han A Han Bortkalder Hanauer O Hanby Hanby B Hancock Hancock G Hancock H Hancock M Hancock N Hancock-Child R Hand Hand C Hand F Handel Handel Handel & Anon Handel & Boccherini Handel & Mendelssohn Handel & Schubert Handel / Halvorsen Handel / Haydn Handel G Handel G F Handel GF Handel, Handel/ Handel/Clark Handel; Albinoni Handel; Bach J S Handel; Buxtehude Handel; Corelli Handel; Haydn; Bach J C Handel; Maello; Telemann Handel; Mozart Handel; Schubert Handel; Telemann Handel; Telemann; Marcello Handelk Handell D Handford G Handl Handl & Hardwicke Handl G Handl J Handle Handler L Handoshkin I Handrock J Handrow R Handy Handy W Hanell Hanerot Hanesyan H Haney J Haney L Hanf N Hanff Hanff J Hanforth T Hanhart-Nerini M Hank Beebe Hank Marvin Hank Williams Hanke & Leedham Hankey M Hanks Hanley Hanley & Clarke Hanley J Hanlon A Hanmer Hanmer R Hann S Hann W Hanna & Barbera Hanna J Hannah Hannah Montana Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana 2 Hannay Hanne Haller Hannickel M Hannier J Hannigan Hannigan S Hannikainen I Hanniken J Hanning Hannisian Hanon Hanon C Hanpton Hanrahan D Hans Hans Carste Hans E Hans F-W Hans Zimmer Hansard & Marketta Hanschke Hanschmann & Kruger Hansel Hansel P Hanselmann Hanselmann A Hansen Hansen E Hansen J Hansen N Hansen R Hansen T Hansen-Jamet R Hanslick Hanslick E Hanson Hanson H Hanson G Hanson H Hanson M Hanson P Hanson Place Hanson R Hanson S Hanson T Hanssen Hanssen J Hanssler F Hansson B Hanus J Hanway T Hapke Hapke T Happy Traum Hara H Hara L Haraldsson J Haran R Harapi T Harasta M Harbar M Harber S Harberts-Hilger Harbinson Harbinson W Harbinson W. Harbison Harbison J Harbison P Harbrg & Arlen Harburg & Arlen Harburg E Harcourt A Hard-Fi Hardel J Harder A Harder S Harder T Hardie A Hardie W Hardin & Armstrong Hardin B Harding & Sommer Harding K Hardman R Hardouineau P Hardwick L Hardwicke A Hardy & Laing Hardy F Hardy L Hardy M Hardy T Hare Hare I Hare J Hare N Hare Ni Hare S Hargest Jones Hargrave H Hargrave R Hargreaves & North Hargreaves H Hargreaves W Harker Harker & Rossiter Harker B Harker C Harker F Harker J Harker Rios & Tysh Harkins A Harlan Harlan & Hallquist Harlan B Harlap A Harle J Harlen B Harlen & Bjorn Harlen B Harley Harline Harling K Harlos S Harman Harman A Harmand M Harmat A Harnack N Harnck & Bock Harneit J Harness M Harnick & Bock Harnick S Harniess Harnisch O Harnish & Rasmussen Harnoncourt N Harnsberger Harnsberger L Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes Haroutiunian Haroutounian J Harp D Harper Harper E Harper F Harper J Harper P Harper-Scott J Harpham & Nestico Harpole & Fogelquist Harr Harr H Harrah Harrah W Harrah W Harran D Harrap S Harras Harries D Harries J Harriet Ziegenhals Harrington D Harrington K Harrington T Harris Harris & Adams Harris & Black Harris & Brewer Harris & Calland Harris & Davies Harris & de Vita Harris & Gunning Harris & Hall Harris & Harris Harris & Merman Harris & Tucker Harris & Wallace Harris A Harris C Harris D Harris E Harris E Harris H Harris J Harris K Harris M Harris P Harris R Harris R & C Harris T Harris W Harris& Wallace Harrison Harrison H Harrison & Branam Harrison & Laurence Harrison B Harrison Berkley & Rushby Harrison E Harrison F Harrison G Harrison H Harrison J Harrison L Harrison M Harrison P Harrison R Harrison S Harriss C Harrold I Harrop J Harry Babad Harry C Harry Chapin Harry James Harry L Harry Owens Harry Shapiro Harry Warren Harsanyi T Harsberger & Manus Harsent & Birtwistle Hart Hart & Cooling Hart & Kaufman Hart & Lehar Hart & Roberts Hart & Rodgers Hart A Hart B Hart C Hart D Hart K Hart P Hart R Harteck L Harter Harter H Hartig Hartig H Hartig H-F Hartigan Hartin D Hartinger J Hartley Hartley G Hartley J & K Hartley K Hartley R Hartley W Hartma Hartman D Hartman R Hartmann Hartmann & Karpa Hartmann A Hartmann B Hartmann E Hartmann H Hartmann J Hartmann K Hartmann T Hartmann U Hartmann V Hartmann W Hartmeyer J Hartog & Swiggers Hartog C Hartsell Hartsell R Hartsfield Hartsfield R Hartsuiker A Hartun Hartwig-Schenk M Harty H Hartzell Hartzell D Hartzell E Harutj Harveson Harvey Harvey & Hinson Harvey & Sands Harvey & Shapreau Harvey A Harvey B Harvey Brough Harvey D Harvey E Harvey F Harvey G / Holmes A Harvey J Harvey J / Nieman Harvey P Harvey R Harvey T Harvey Vinson Harwood Harwood B Harwood C Harz Hasberry R Hasebos H Haselbach Haselbach B Haselbach J Haselbock Haselbock M Hasenorhl F Haser C Hashagen K Haskell Haskell B Hasler G Hasley Haslinger T Haslip J Haspiel F Hasquenoph P Hass Hassall Hasse Hasse Family Hasse H Hasse J Hasse N Hassel Hassell D Hasselmann E Hasselmans Hasselmans A Hasselmans J Hassenstein Hassler Hassler / Erbach Hassler H Hassler H / Neumeyer F Hassler H; Dobrovolskis K; Mar Hassler J Hast & Scott Hasted Hasted D Hasted N Hastings Hastings T Hasty C Hatch Hatch & Perry Hatch & Trent Hatch T Hatch W Hatdn Hatfield Hatfield J Hatfield K Hatfield S Hathaway & Wright Hathaway C Hathaway D / Flack R Hathaway J Haton Hatrik J Hattey P Hatton J Hattori K Hatzis C Haubensak Haubenstock-Ramati R Hauchard M Hauck Hauck W Haudebert L Haudn Hauer Hauer J Hauff W Haufrecht H Haug H Haug L Haugen Haugen & Haas Haugen M Haughton & Tambling Haughton A Hauk Haultier B Haun Haun K Haunschild Haunschild F Haupt Haupt W Hauptmann Hauptmann M Hauquier P Hauray O Haury & Modier Haus Haus G Haus K Haus M Haus/moeckl Hause E Hause W Hauser Hauser D Hauser M Hausmann Haussler Haussler J Haussmann V Hauta-aho M Hauta-aho T Hauto-aho T Hauwe Havard de la Montagne J Havart M Havas Havas & Landsman Havas K Have T Have W Have W T Havelka S Havelock-Nelson Havema Havergail B Havergal H Havergal W Haverkate G Havill L Haw S Hawel Hawes Hawes & Forde Hawes J Hawes L Hawes P Hawig P Hawker M Hawkes A Hawkes C Hawkes J Hawkins Hawkins & Johnson Hawkins A Hawkins G Hawkins J Hawkins Johnson & Dash Hawkins M Hawkins W Hawksley Workman Hawley Hawley & Juergensmeyer Hawley CB Hawley H Hawley W Hawlin J Hawn & Munz Hawthorn & Miller Hawthorn P Hawthorne & Wilson Hawthorne Hawthorne A Hawthorne R Hawthorne V Hay Hay J Hay Jacca R A McLaren Hay W Hayakawa M Hayashi H Hayd Hayden & Villines Hayden G Hayden P Hayden S Haydn Haydn Haydn Haydn M Haydn & Mozart Haydn & Scarlatti Haydn / Mannino Haydn Hummel & Neruda Haydn J Haydn M Haydn Mozart & Beethoven Haydn Rossini Schubert & Mozart Haydn Wood Haydn; Brahms Haydn; Charpentier Haydn; de Pue Haydn; Mozart Haydn; Schubert Haydn; Telemann; Fasch Haydn; Vivaldi; Frederick the Great HaydnM Haydon & Pizzarelli Hayes Hayes & Sterndale Bennett Hayes H Hayes Herrick M Hayes M Hayes W Hayford Hayley Westenra Haylock Hayly Haym N Hayman P Haynes Haynes B Haynes H Haynie J Haynie W Hayot M Hayrapetian E Hays Hays S Haysi Fantayzee Haysom P Haysom-Craddy P Hayward Hayward J Hayward L Hayward M Hayward R Haywood L Haywood M Hayworth P Hazeldine R Hazelgrove B Hazelhurst R Hazell Hazell C Hazelwood Hazlehurst C Hazlewood L & Nancy Sinatra Hazo Hazo S Hazod M He J-Y Head & Mitchell-Wallace Head G Head M Head R Headington Headington C Heafield & Wren Heald-Smith G Healey Healey D Healey E Healey Willan Heap C Heaps-Nelson G Hear'Say Heard G Heardson T Hearle Hearn Hearne J Heart Heartz Heaser & Hedger Heath Heath D Heath D Heath E Heath J Heath R Heath T Heather Heatley M Heaton Heaton Smith R Heaton W Heatwave Heau F Heaven 17 Hebb B Hebble Hebble R Hebden J Heberle Heberle A Hebrard P Hechtel H Heck J Heck T Hecke H Hector J Hedgcock W Hedger & Ramage Hedger & Wainwright Hedger A Hedges Hedges A Hedrick P Heed J Heeley A Heenan Heenan A Heer Heerema Heeren P Heffes & Hayward Heffly Hefling S Hefti Hefti D Hefti N Hegaard L Hegeduduok Hegenhuis J Hegner L Hegvik A Hegyi E Heiben B Heiden Heiden B Heider B Heider W Heidingsfeld Heidloff Heidrich Heidrich M Heidrich P Heifetz Heifetz J Heifetz V Heiland T Heilbert Heilbut Heilbut P Heiller Heiller A Heilma Heilman W Heilmann H Heim Heim N Heiman N Heimann M Hein D Heindrichs H Heine Heine H Heinecke M Heinemann M Heinermann O Heinichen Heinichen J Heinichin Heininen Heininen P Heinioe M Heinrich XXIV Heinrichs H Heins J Heinsch W Heinz Heinz Steinfeld K Heinzelmann Heinzmann H Heise P Heise S Heisinger Heisinger B Heiss H Heiss J Heitere Heitmuller Heizmann Heizmann K Hekker W Hekking G Helasvuo Helble Helbling Held W Heldenberg A Helder B Helen Bauer Helen Baylor Helen O'Connell Helfman M Helgason Hellawell Hellawell P Hellden Hellden D Hellem M Helleman Hellemann Hellen M Hellendaal Hellendael Heller Heller & Rieger Heller B Heller H Heller J & Praetorius M / Sche Heller K Heller R Heller S Heller Y Heller, Y Hellerman F Hellermanm F Hellewell D Hellhund Hellhund H Hellier-Tinoco R Hellman N Hellmann Hellmesberger Hellmesberger J Hellmut Hattler Hellouin P Hellsted G Helm Helm E Helman M Helmer Helmer C Helmesberger J Helmet Helmholz Helmore T Helms B Helms M Helms S Helmschrott Helmschrott R Helmsing A Helmund F Helps Helps D Helps R Helsted E Helsted G Helvey Helvey H Helvey H Hely-Hutchinson Hely-Hutchinson V Helyer Helyer J Helyer M Heman C Hemann C Hemberg E Hemel Hemingway Hemmenway J Hemmerle & Schubert Hemmerle J Hemmings S Hemmis J Hempel Hempel C Hempel F Hempfling V Hemsley T Henberg Henderson Henderson B Henderson D Henderson E Henderson J Henderson R Henderson S Henderson T Henderson W Henderson-Williams Hendl W Hendrick Hendrickson Hendrickson & Orzeck Hendrickson A Hendrie Hendrie G Hendriks M Heneker Heneker & Taylor Heneker D Heney J Hengartner M Hengeveld Hengeveld G Hengstmangers K Henigan J Henke Henkemans H Henking B Henle Henle G Henley & Lihoreau Henley & Silbar Henley D Henley Silbar & Barry Henly R Henn R Hennagin M Henneberg Henneker Hennessy S Hennig Hennig C Hennig W Henning Henning C Henning E Hennings H Hennion B Henri Salvador Henrich H Henriques Henriques F Henriques J Henry Henry & Darasse Henry A Henry C Henry H Henry J Henry M Henry M & C Henry Mancini Henry O Henry P Henry Soleh Brewer Henry VIII Hens Vlam-Verwaaijen Henschel Henschel G Hense & Reuter Hense W Hensel Hensel F Hensel F (nee Mendelssohn) Hensel W Hensel W / Schuetz H Henselt Henselt A Henshall D Hensher R Henson & Pottle Henson B Henson J Henton Henze Henze B Henze H Hepburn Hepburn & Hedger Hepke H-J Hepokoski & Darcy Hepokoski & Ferrero Hepokoski J Hepp & Maevski Hepworth G Herard P Herb Alpert Herb Wise Herbage J Herbat Herbeck Herbek R Herbert Herbert & MacDonough Herbert & Merman Herbert & Wallace Herbert & Williams Herbert Clarke Herbert F Herbert I Herbert J Herbert Keyser Herbert L Herbert P Herbert S Herbert T Herbert V Herbert-Caesari E Herbert/Kinyon Herbie Hancock Herbie Nichols Herbiet V Herbillon G Herbin R Herbst Herbst J Herche Herchet J Herder Herder R Heredia P Heremans N Herford J Herfurth Herfurth P Herfuth P Hericard Heriche R Hering Hering K Hering S Herisse J Herissone R Heritage L Heritte-Viardot L Herl J Herle V Herlin D Herlinger K Herman Herman J Herman Ju Herman N Herman W Hermann Hermann F Hermann G Hermann H Hermann J Hermann K Hermann N Hermann Ni Hermanns W Hermans Hermits Hermant A Hermant P Hermosa U Hernandez Hernandez Gonzalo G Hernandez M Hernandez Moncada E Hernandez P Hernandez R Herning P Hero Heroes del Silencio Herold Herold E Herold L Heroldt B Heron P Herr F Herrando J Herrarte M Herrer P Herrera de la Fuente L Herrera F Herrero & Worms Herrero E Herrero O Herrick R Herring Herrington J Herrma Herrmann Herrmann A Herrmann H Herrmann K Herrmann P Hersant P Hersch F Hersch M Herschel W Herschel-Hill Herschel-Hill A Herscher-Clement J Herschmann H Hertel Hertel J Hertel JW Hertel P Hertel T Hertl F Herve A Herve F Herve R Hervig Hervig R Herz Herz H Herz R Herzer Herzog & Holiday Herzog J Herzog W Herzogenberg Herzogenberg H Hesdin P Heseltine Hesford Hesford B Hesketh Hesketh K Hesketh S Hespe G Hess Hess & Brown Hess C Hess Ca Hess E Hess G Hess K Hess N Hess R Hess W Hesse Hesse A Hessen Hessenberg Hessenberg K Hessenberg K; Ruppel Hessenburg Hester N Hetfield Ulrich & Hammet Hetll Hetrick C Hettrick Hettrick W Hetu Hetu J Heubach M Heuberger Heuberger R Heucke Heucke S Heuken H Heumann Heumann & Schmidauer Heumann / Mozart Heumann H Heumann H-G Heun H Heurteur G Heuschkel J Heusen Heusen J Heusinger D Heward L Hewer Hewitt & Bloor Hewitt & Tindley Hewitt G Hewitt J Hewitt Jones Hewitt Jones T Hewitt T Hewitt- Jones A Hewitt-Jones Hewitt-Jones & Lumsden Hewitt-Jones A Hewitt-Jones T Hewlett P Hewsome R Hey J Heyde H Heydecker Heyder B Heyens Heyens & Bowman Heyer Heyer J Heyes Heyes D Heykens J Heyman B Heymann E Heymann W Heyme A Heyn Heyn V Heyse A Heyter & Rauland Heyward N Heywood E Heyworth P Hhillemann Hi-Gloss Hi-Tension Hibon P Hickey F Hickley E Hicks Hicks C Hicks D Hicks J Hickson J Hidalgo H Hidas F Hide C Hidman A Hieaux E Hieden B Hiekel Hielscher H Hieman N Hier E Hierholzer D Hietala A Higbee A Higdon G Higginbottom E Higgins Higgins C Higgins J Higgins P Higgins R Higgins T Higginson G Higginson I High Tension Higuet N Hiland M Hilary Duff Hilber J Hilbert & Janosa Hilbert R Hildach E Hildebrand M Hildebrandt Hildebrandt-Winhauer H Hildegard Hildemann Hildemann W Hildenbrand S Hildesheimer W Hiles H Hiley D Hilfrich G Hilger M Hilgers W Hiliard Hill Hill & Barber Hill & Elledge Hill & Hill Hill & Simeone Hill A Hill B Hill C Hill D Hill E Hill Hill & Hill Hill J Hill K Hill L Hill M Hill P Hill R Hillard Hillborg A Hillcrest Hille G Hillemacher P Hillemann Hillemann W Hiller Hiller C Hiller F Hiller J Hiller L Hiller P Hiller T Hiller W Hillerbrand F Hillert Hillert R Hilliam & Combes Hilliam & Coombes Hilliam B Hilliard Hilliard & Mann Hilliard & Smith Hilliard Q Hillier Hillier I Hillier J Hillier L Hillier P Hilling & Bergmann Hilling L Hillis G Hilmar E Hilmar F Hilsdorf Hiltenbrand E Hilton Hilton J HIM Himes Himes W Himmel F Himmel H Hinchcliffe K Hinchcliffe R Hinchliffe R Hinchliffe I Hinchliffe R Hinckley Hind Hind J Hind O'Malley P Hinde Hindemit Hindemith Hindemith Institute Hindemith P Hindenith P Hindmarsh J Hinds Hinds D Hinds M Hindson M Hine Hine & Hayford Hine S Hines Hines R Hines W Hingeston Hingeston J Hingley B Hinke G Hinkins Hinkins C Hinkson Hinnant H Hinnells D Hinojosa J Hinrichs M Hinrichsen Hinrischen Hinschel G Hinson Hinson & Montgomery Hinson M Hinson, Maurice Hinstein G Hinterdorfer Hinterdorfer R Hinton Hinton A Hinton B Hinton H Hinton J Hinton: Martell Hinton: Strachey Hipkins Hippe S Hirao K Hirchmann Hiromitsu M Hirose H Hirose R Hirsch Hirsch & Manor Hirsch & Mathiesen Hirsch H Hirsch O Hirschber ger A Hirschberg Hirschberg J Hirschberger A Hirschmann H Hirshberg J Hirst A L Hirth H Hirzel E Hirzel P Hirzel S Hirzel-Langenhan A Hisaishi J Hisama E Hischak T Hiscock T Hit Mix Hitchcock G Hitchins R Hittler L Hitz F Hjohnny Bristol Hladky Hlavac Hlavac M Hlobil Hlobil E Hlohov Hlouschek T Ho & Sano Ho A Ho Lung Hoad C Hoag C Hoagn P Hoagy Carmichael Hoarau J Hoban Hobart J Hobbs Hobbs C Hobbs J Hobday R Hoboken Hobsbawm M Hobson R Hoch Hoch P Hochbrucker C Hochedlinger A Hochheimer Hochmann K Hochrainer Hochweber J Hockner Hockner W Hocombe B Hodd Hoddinnott A Hoddinnott A" Hoddinott Hoddinott A Hodel Hodge Hodge T Hodges Hodges M Hodges P Hodges S Hodgetts C Hodgson Hodgson F Hodgson I Hodgson L Hodgson P Hodgson R Hodkinson M Hodkinson S Hody J Hoeberg G Hoeffe Hoeffer von Winterfeld L Hoehne C Hoek Hoekem Hoekema H Hoekman T Hoeller Y Hoeltzel Hoene K Hoenez & Misraki Hoeree A Hoey Hoey F Hofeldt W Hofer A Hofer M Hoffding Hoffding F Hoffer Hoffer P Hoffer-von Winterfeld Hoffert P Hoffman Hoffman A Hoffman E Hoffman P Hoffman S Hoffmann Hoffmann & Wolters Hoffmann - Axthelm Hoffmann E Hoffmann G Hoffmann H Hoffmann J Hoffmann L Hoffmann R Hoffmeister Hoffmeister F Hoffmeistter Hoffmesiter F Hoffner A Hoffnung G Hoffstetter Hofhaimer Hofhaimer P Hofhaymer P Hofman Hofman R Hofman S Hofmann Hofmann & Kotscher Hofmann B Hofmann E Hofmann H Hofmann J Hofmann L Hofmann R Hofmann W Hofmeister F Hofmeister M Hofmeyr H Hogan Hogan M Hogan N Hogan P Hogarth Hogarth Lear W Hogben D Hoge Hogenhuis Hogenhuis J Hogestein H Hogg Hogg K Hogg M Hogner F Hogwood Hogwood C Hoh Hohannes A Hohens Hohensee W Hohlfeld C Hohmaier Hohmann C Hohne C Hohner Hohnhorst E Hoiby Hoiby L Hoile Hoile & Hedger Hoile C Hoing G Hojsgaard E Hokanson M Hol D Hol R Holab Holab W Holaind Holan R Holborn A Holborne Holborne & Hunt Holborne & Kreutzer Holborne A Holborne; Kreutzer Holbourne Holbrooke J Holcomb B Holcombe Holcombe & Giammario Holcombe B Hold Hold T Holder Holder & Lea Holder N Holdstock Holdstock & Adams Holdstock & Belford Holdstock & Hedger Holdstock & Richards Holdstock & Wiuld Holdstock J Holdstock Ja Holdsworth Holdsworth A Hole Hole J Holecek Holesovsky J Holger Holiday B Holiger H Holik Hollaender Hollaender V Hollan & Mmoritz Holland Holland A Holland B Holland D Holland J Hollander Hollander B Hollander C Hollander F Holler Holler D Holler K Holler Y Hollfelder Hollfelder W Holliday J Holliger Holliger H Hollinger Hollinger R Hollingshaus M Hollingsworth J Hollingsworth W Hollinrake H Hollins Hollins A Hollins Al Hollins; Calkin Hollis Hollis P Hollman J Hollos l Hollos M Holloway Holloway J Holloway L Holloway R Holly & Crickets Holly B Holly L Holly Valance Holm M Holm P Holman Holman & Drage Holman & Rubin Holman B Holman D Holman J Holman P Holmboe Holmboe V Holmes Holmes & Hedger Holmes & Long Holmes & Volk Holmes A Holmes B Holmes C Holmes G Holmes H Holmes I Holmes J Holmes K Holmes L Holmes M Holmes R Holmes S Holoma Holsinger D Holst Holst E Holst G Holst I Holst, I Holstein J Holsten M Holszky A Holt Holt D Holt G Holt J Holt S Holten Holten B Holtmann R Holton Holtz M Holy A Holyoa Holz B Holzbaljer I Holzbauer Holzbauer I Holzbauer L Holzer Holzl P Holzmann A Holzmann R Holzne Holzsky A Holzwe Hombastel L Homberg J Hombostel L Homer S Homes N Homilius Homilius C Homilius G Homilus Honckton Honckton & Talbot Honda Honegger Honegger & Ibert Honegger A Honey H Honeycombs Honeyman Honeyman W Hongisto M Honigman Honnore L Honolka K Honore J Honore J Hoobastank Hood C Hood D Hood M Hook Hook J Hooker J Hooper Hooper & Hawthorn Hooper C Hooper E Hooper N Hooper W Hootie & Blowfish Hootie & The Blowfish Hoover K Hoover W Hope Hope A Hope D Hope E Hope P Hopekirk H Hopfe Hopfe J Hopkins Hopkins & Moore Hopkins A Hopkins B Hopkins D Hopkins E Hopkins H Hopkins J Hopkins J. Hopkins M Hopkins S Hopkins W Hopkinson Hopkinson F Hopkinson M Hopp Hopper H Hoppin Hopson Hopson Hopson H Hopson H Hopson H. Hora T Horace Silver Horacio Hermandez Horak W Horas H Horbe E Horder Horder M Horecki F Horetzky Horicht Horlacher G Horman Horman J Horn & Jones Horn C Horn E Horn P Horn S Hornady Horne Horne C Horne D Horne E Horne G Horne J Hornek O Horner Horner & Baselli Horner & Jennings Horner & Lewis Horner A Horner J Horner Mann & Weil Horner R Horney A Hornez Hornez & Misraki Hornsby B Hornsby G Hornzy Horovits J Horovitz Horovitz J Horowitz Horreaux J Horrocks H Horsey J Horsley W Horst F Horton Horton Darling & Gabler Horton J Horton L Horton P Horusitzky Z Horvat Horvath Horvath B Horvath J Horvath-Thomas Horvath-Thomas I Horvit M Horwood M Horz S Hosay Hosay J Hosek Hosek M Hoser O Hoshide T Hoshina H Hosier J Hoskin A Hosmer Hosokawa Hosokawa T Hosokowa Hoss W Hossein A Host M Hostettler M Hot Butter Hot Chocolate Hot Metal Hot Streak Hotchkis J Hothouse Flowers Hottererre J Hotteterre Hotteterre J Hotteterre J-M Hotteterre le Romain J Houben C-A Houdret M Houdy Houdy P Houfflack A Hough S Houghton Houghton & Nishigomi Houghton & Yuponce Houghton A Houghton W Houkom A Houlahan & Tacka Houlding Houlez J Houlihan Houllif Houllif & Petercsak Houllif M Hours House L House of Blues Houseknecht B Houston J Hovaldt K Hovarth Hovatter Hovdesven Hove Hoveland Hovey Hovey & Leonard Hovey H Hovhaness Hovhaness A Hovhannes A Hovhannes J Hovunts G How How M Howard Howard & Austin Howard & Blaokley Howard & Hefti Howard B Howard Carpendale Howard E Howard G Howard J Howard K Howard Massey Howard Morgan Howard P Howard Roberts Howard S Howard Shore Howarth Howarth E Howarth E Howat R Howden B Howe Howe A Howe C Howe J Howe L Howe M Howe S Howell C Howell D Howell I Howell J Howell L Howells Howells H Howells Jackson Bevan & Noble Howes Howgate M Howitt B Howland R Howland Russell Howlin' Wolf Howorth W Howrey Hoybe J Hoybye Hoybye J Hoyer Hoyer K Hoyer R HoyerIm Hoyland V Hoyle & Tomkins Hoyle & Wainwright Hoyle V Hoyos G Hoza V Hrabal F Hrabe J Hrabek J Hrabovsky L Hradecky Hradecky E Hrasky R Hrastnik Hrehovcsik W Hrimaly Hrimaly J Hrisanide A Hromek M Hrovat V Hruby Hruby D Hruby F Hruby M Hrusovsky I Hubaer H Hubans Hubay Hubay J Hubbard Hubbard I Hubbell Hubbell F Hubbert R Hubeau J Huber Huber & Williams Huber A Huber K Huber N Huber P Huber, H Hubert K Hubert R Hubicki Hubler E Hubler K Hubner W Hubschmann W Hubucki M Huck & Veit Hudadoff Hudec Hudes E Hudson Hudson C Hudson D Hudson H Hudson J Hudson R Hue Hue G Hue S Hueber Hueber K Huebner S Huelle P Huellmandel Huenten F Hues Corporation Huet L Huet V Huey Lewis & The News Huff Huff D Huff W Huffine G Huffman D Huffnagle Hufford S Hufschmidt W Huges-Jones E Huggler Hugh Benham Hugh Pope R Hugh R Hugh-Jones E Hugh-Jones L Hughes Hughes & Gordon Hughes B Hughes C Hughes D Hughes E Hughes F Hughes H Hughes I Hughes J Hughes Jones L Hughes N Hughes P Hughes R Hughes T Hughes V Hughes-Jones Hughes-Jones L Hugo Hugon G Hugon J Hugon-Wahl M Hugot Hugot A Huguenin C Hugues L Huguet & Verdun Huguet S Huguet y Tagell R Huguley B Huijbers Huillet T Huizar C Huizing J Huktgren R Hula Z Hulbert H Hulin E Hull Hull A Hull M Hull R Hullah J Hulot M Hultgren Hultgren R Hultin R Humair D Human League Humbert Humbert G Humble K Hume O Hume R Hume T Humel G Humfrey Humfrey P Humiston W Humm B Hummel Hummel B Hummel F Hummel J Hummel J-M Hummel; Moscheles; Pixis Hummell Humperdinck Humperdinck & O'Reilly Humperdinck E Humperdinck; Scholefield Humperdink Humperdink E Humpert Humpert F Humpert H Humphrey Humphrey R Humphreys A Humphreys H Humphries J Humphries L Humphries P Humphris Humphris C Humphris I Hundley R Hundrad Hundred Reasons Hundziak Huneker Hunfeld X Hungar Hunger Hungerford Hungerford J Hunkins E Hunnicett Hunnicott J Hunnicutt Hunnicutt Gilmore & Vincent Hunnicutt J Hunsberger Hunt Hunt & McDowell Hunt & Oliver Hunt C Hunt D Hunt E Hunt H Hunt J Hunt P Hunt R Hunt S Hunt T Hunt W Hunten F Hunter Hunter & Webster Hunter D Hunter I Hunter J Hunter R Huntley G Huntley J Hupfeld Hupfeld H Hupfer K Hupfield Hupfield H Huptma Hurd Hurd A Hurd D Hurd M Hure J Hurel P Hurford Hurford P Hurk T Hurlebusch C Hurley D Hurlimann Hurlstone Hurlstone W Hurnik Hurnik I Hurrell Hurrell & Hurrell Hurrell A Hurrell C Hurt Hurten Hurtig Hurwitz Hurwitz T Husa Husa K Husler/ & Rodd-Marling Hussar M Hussey Hustad Hustad & Smith Hustad D Hustad D Hustad J Huston Huston J Huszar L Huszka J Hutchens F Hutchings Hutchings A Hutchings C Hutchings J Hutchinson Hutchinson H Hutchinson L Hutchinson W Hutchison W Huteau & Pelegri Huteau A Huth F Hutmacher Hutschenruijter W Hutt A Huttenberger K Hutter G Huvelle T Huw Jones E Huws Jones Huws Jones E Huxley M Huzella E Hyakki Hyams A Hyatt & Mitchell Hyde Hye-Knudsen J Hyla L Hyland W Hyldgaard S Hymn Book Hymnbook Hynes M Hünten F Hüsken R Hyslop Hyslop G Hyson W Händel