The list of composers featuring in the Sheet Music Hound catalogue is, unsurprisingly, long! This page is provided in case you wish to locate a name, but it is normally easier to use the hound's search box. Please note that when clicking a link, we search for composer names incorporating the name entered, so "Bach" will present: JS Bach, CPE Bach, etc.


T Braxton T Rex T T d'Arby T'Pau Tabachnik Tabachnik m Tabakov E Tabary S Taccani S Tachezi Tacka & Houlahan Taconet J Tacuchian R Tada E Tadic M Tadman-Robins H Tadman-Robins H & C Taegener E Taffanel & Gaubert Taffanel P Taffs J Taffy Tafoya J Tag C Taggart H Taggart H Tagle Lara B Tagliafico D Tagliarino Taglichsbeck T Taglietti G Tailleferre G Tailleterre Tailor Tailor N Taira Y Taize Tajcevic Tajcevic M Tajirian A Takach Takacs Takacs J Takahashi Takahashi Y Takahashii Y Takas Take That Takeda-Caspers T Takehashi Takemitsu Takemitsu T Taki R Taktakischwili O Taktakishivili Taktakishvili Tal Farlow Tal M Talalay K Talamon & Steffens Talbot Talbot J Talbot M Talevski N Talk Show Tall Tallet M Talley Talley M Talley T Tallini A Tallis Tallis & Byrd Tallis J Tallis T Talma Talma L Talmi Y Talyor J Tamara Tamas Tamas J Tamba A Tamberg E Tambling C Tambling J Tamblyn Tamblyn W Tambourin Tambyeff R Tamez G Tammy Wynette Tan Dun Tan Dun 8 Tan Sooi Beng Tanaka Tanaka A Tanaka K Tanaka T Tanayev Taneda Taneieff S Taneiev Taneiew A Taneje Tanejev Tanejev S Tanejew S Tanese Taneyev Taneyev S Tanguy E Tanguy N Taniev Tanimoto T Tankard Tann H Tanner Tanner & Tanner Tanner & Weber Tanner D Tanner M Tanner S Tanner T Tanner Vincent & Ployhar Tansman Tansman A Tantarungroj K Tantz L Tanzberger E Tapella J Tapia Colman S Tapkoff D Tapp Tapp A Tapp F Tappan H Tapping Tarantino Taranto A Taranto V Taranu C Tarasti E Tardos Tardos B Tarega F Tarenghi M Tariverdiev M Tarjani Toth & Falka Tarp Tarp S Tarr Tarr E Tarrago Tarrago G Tarrega Tarrega F Tarrega; Anon Tarshes D Tartini Tartini G Tartini G Tartini, GiuseppeTartini G Taruskin R Tarver J Tasmin Archer Tassello R Tasso I Tassone N Taste of Honey Tatchell J Tate Tate A Tate P Tate S Tatgenhorst J Tatlow R Tattersall M Tatton M Tatu Taub Taub R Tauber R Taubert Taubert K Taubert W Tauffer B Taupin C Tausch Tausch F Tauscher H Tausig Tausig C Tausig K Tausinger J Tausky Tausky V Taussig Tavan E Tavares Tavasszy Tavener Tavener J Tavener J Tavener T Taverner Taverner J Tavernier J Tavernier J & M Tavernier M Tawaststjerna Tawe-Jones D Taxin I Tayler D Taylor Taylor & Coxon Taylor & Davis Taylor & McVicker Taylor & Mead Taylor & Truscott Taylor & Wiedinmyer Taylor A Taylor B Taylor C Taylor C Taylor D Taylor E Taylor F Taylor G Taylor H Taylor J Taylor K Taylor L Taylor M Taylor P Taylor R Taylor S Taylor Swift Taylor T Taylor-Howell S Tceschi Tchaikov Tchaikovky Tchaikovski A Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky & Borodin Tchaikovsky / Rachmaninov Tchaikovsky A Tchaikovsky Aleksander Tchaikovsky B Tchaikovsky P Tchaikovsky P.-Pletnev M. Tchaikovsky; Albeniz Tchaikovsky; Bizet Tchaikovsky; Wagner; Verdi Tchaikowsky Tchemberdji K Tcherepin N Tcherepnin Tcherepnin A Tcherepnin A Tcherepnin I Tcherepnin N Tcherepnin S Tcherepnine N Tchesnokov D Tchesnokov P Tchicai J Te Velde R Teague Teal Teal L Tear Tearnan G Tears for Fears Teason & Averill Techelmann F Technohd Teck K Ted Mackenzie Ted Shapiro Teddy Wilson Tedeschi Tedesco Tedesco Martini Il Tedesco T Teed Teed R Teetgen A Teggin M Teichm Teichmann W Teike Teike C Teixeira Teixeira N Teleman Teleman G Telemann Telemann G Telemann & Pfeiffer Telemann C Telemann G Telemann GSATB Voice & Ensemble Telemann P Telemann; Corrette Telemann; Gluck; Pergolesi Telemann; Handel Telemann; Handel;Vivaldi Telemann; Schocker Teletubbies Telfer Telfer N Tellenbach Tellep Telman A Telman T Teml J Temperlery N Temperley A Temperley N Tempest J Temple Temple A Temple S Temple-Evans C Temple-Savage Temple-Savage R Templeton Templeton A Templeton A Templeton M Templeton R Templeton S Temporal Temprement J Temptations Ten Brink J Ten Have Ten Have W Tenacious D Tenaglia A Tenaud A Tenco L Tenidis V Tennant Tennant M Tennant S Tennent H Tenta P Tenth Avenue North Tenzer M Teo & Lim Teoke M Tepper A Tepper S Terashima R Terehin R Terhune Terhune C Terpsichore Terral F Terrani F Terrasse C Terreni M Terri Terrorvision Terrorvisn Terry Terry & Bowman Terry Baucom Terry Bozzio Terry Clark Terry E Terry F Terry O'Mahoney Terry P Terry R Terry S Terschak Tershak Terterjan A Tertis Tertis L Tertius N Terzakis D Terzano & Arco Terzi Teschemacher & d'Hardelot Teschner Tesh J Tesla Tesori A Tesori J Tessarini Tessarini C Tessarini C Tessier A Tessier C Tessier R Test M L Testament Testi F Testoni G Testori C Tete Teuchert H Texas Texas Tyler Texidor J Teyber Thackray Thackray R Thaerichen W Thaerrichen Thalben-Ball Thalben-Ball G Thalberg S Tharaldson T Thatcher R Thate A Thayer Thayer P The All-American Rejects The Allman Brothers The Animals The Automatic The Bangles The Beach Boys The Beat The Beatles The Beautiful South The Bee Gees The Belle Stars The Black Keys The Blow Monkeys The Bluebells The Blues Brothers The Bluesmen The Bluetones The Bob Wilber All-Stars The Bodyguard The Boystown Gang The Brand New Heavies The Bravery The Breeze The Byrds The Calling The Cardigans The Carpenters The Cars The Charlatans The Charletans The Cheetah Girls The Chieftans The Choirboys The Clash The Commodores The Communards The Congregational Federation The Connells The Cool Notes The Corrs The Cranberries The Crystals The Cure The Damned The Dandy Warhols The Darkness The Darts The Detroit Emeralds The Detroit Spinners The Divine Comedy The Dominoes The Dooleys The Doors The Drifters The Dubliners The Eagleds The Eagles The Edge The Electric Soft Parade The Enemy The Eruptions The Escape Club The Eurythmics The Faces The Fantasticks The Fatback Band The Feeling The Fortunes The Four Seasons The Four Tops The Fratellis The Fray The Fugees The Funk Masters The Gap Band The Gibson Brothers The Glitter Band The Goo Goo Dolls The Gossip The Grateful Dead The Hellecasters The Hives The Hollies The Hours The Human League The Intruders The Jacksons The Jam The Jets The Kane Gang The Kids From Fame The Killers The Kinks The Kooks The Korgies The Lambrettas The Lemonheads The Levellers The Libertines The Lighning Seeds The Lightning Seeds The Limit The Machine The Magic Numbers The Maisonettes The Mamas and The Papas The Mavericks The Metals The Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Mike Flowers Pops The Monkees The Moody Blues The Muppets The Nolan Sisters The O'Jays The Offspring The Osmonds The Partridge Family The Pasadenas The Players Association The Pogues The Pointer Sisters The Police The Presidents of the USA The Pretenders The Prodigy The Raconteurs The Rah Band The Ramones The Rasmus The Rat Pack The Real Thing The Red Hot Chilli Peppers The Refreshments The Righteous Brothers The Rolling Stones The Rubettes The Saints The Scorpions The Script The Seahorses The Searchers The Seekers The Shadows The Shakers The Shins The Simpsons The Small Faces The Smashing Pumpkins The Smiths The Spice Girls The Spitting Image The Star Sisters The Stone Roses The Stranglers The Strawberrys The Strokes The Stylistics The Supremes The Surfaris The Sword The Teens The Temptations The Texas Boys The Three Degrees The Thrills The Ting Tings The Tourists The Travelling Wilburys The Twang The Tweets The Ventures The Verve The View The Village People The Vines The Wallflowers The Waterboys The Whispers The White Stripes The Who The Wombles The Wurzels The Zutons Theaker D Theard & Moore Thede M Theessink Thehos A Theile Theisinger W Theissen E Thelma Thelonious Monk Thelonius Monk Theobald C Theobald J Theodorakis Theodorakis M Theodore E Steinway Thern Theroff & Zoufal Theroff F Theunissen P Theurer B Thevet L Thibaud J Thibaud P Thiel & Thiel Thiel C Thiele Thiele & Golden Thiele & Weiss Thiele R Thiele S Thielmans J Thieme C Thiemer H-J Thierac J Thieriot F Thierot Thierot F Thigpen Thilde J Thilloy P Thilma Thilman J Thiman Thiman & Bullett Thiman E Thiman; Coleridge Taylor S Thin Lizzy Thines G Thingnaes F Thinieres M Thirault M Third Eye Blind Thiriet A Thiriet M Thirion L Thirtle T Thiry Thiry A Thistlewaite N Thoburn Thoburn C Thoinan E Thoinot-Arbeau T Thom Yorke Thoma X Thomakos J Thoman I Thomas Thomas & Barrington Thomas & Mifune Thomas & Neu Thomas & Smoot Thomas & Stutley Thomas A Thomas An Thomas B Thomas D Thomas D & J Thomas E Thomas H Thomas J Thomas K Thomas Lang Thomas M Thomas O Thomas P Thomas S Thomas T Thomas V Thomas Vincent Thomas W Thomas-Mifune Thomas-Mifune W Thomaschke E Thome Thome D Thome F Thommessen Thommessen O Thompson Thompson & Callahan Thompson & Cook Thompson & Greene Thompson & Murray Thompson & Nelson Thompson & Ramsey Thompson & Scruggs Thompson & Winfield Thompson A Thompson B Thompson D Thompson E Thompson G Thompson H Thompson J Thompson K Thompson L Thompson M Thompson M Thompson P Thompson R Thompson T Thompson V Thompson W Thomser M Thomson Thomson & Guttman Thomson & Rowland-Jones Thomson A Thomson D Thomson E Thomson J Thomson V Thomys A Thonk Thorarinsson Thordarson Thorgerson & Curzon Thorn B Thornber D Thorne B Thorne D Thorne F Thorne N Thorne P Thornett G Thornhill C Thornley B Thornowitz Thornowitz H Thornton Thornton J Thornton R Thornton W Thorp Thorp B Thorp C Thorp G Thorp J Thorpe & Davie Thorpe C Thorpe D Thorpe Davie C Thorpe R Thow J Thrasher A Three Colours Red Threlfall Threlfall & Raney Threlfall R Thrift S Thuemer Thuille Thuille L Thuillier E Thuillier Eu Thuillier F Thull J Thumer O Thumers Thurban Thurm Thurm J Thurner Thurner A Thursday War Thurston Thurston & Frank Thurston B Thurston F Thurston R Thwaites Thybo L Thygerson Thygerson R Thyhsen J Tibor G Tic Ticciati Ticciati N Ticheli F Tick J Tiedge W Tiefensee S Tiensuu J Tierney Tierney T Tiersen Y Tiersot J Tiessen H Tietyeh D Tiffany Tiffault Tiffault L Tight Fit Tihanyi L Tilanus R Till Tillai A Tillard F Tillen P Tillet L Tilleul J Tilley Tilley A Tilley, A Tilliere Tillman & Braley Tillman J Tillmetz Tilney Tilson Thomas M Tilzer & Feldstein Tilzer & Norwith Tim Sparks Tim Stafford Timakin E Timbafunk Timmens J Timmermann L Timms Timms A Tin Tin Out Featuring Emma Bun Tina Moore Tina Tuner Tina Turner Tinctoris J Tindal P Tindall A Tindley Tindley C Tingley Tingley G Tinner G Tinsley Tiny Parham Tiomkin D Tipbook Tipper W Tippett Tippett M Tipton C Tirao C Tircuit H Tirey Tirindelli P Tirman M Tirrell Tirrell D Tirro Tischausser F Tischh Tischhauser F Tischhauser, F Tischler B Tisdale Tisdall W Tish D Tishchenko B Tisne A Tissoni F Tissot H Tissot M Titcomb Titcomb E Titelo Titelouze Titelouze J Titl A Titl E Tito Puente Tittel Tittel G Titvom Titz A Tizol Tizol / Ellington Tizol Lenk & Drak Tlil A Toadies Tobani T Tobias Tobie L Tobin Tobin J Tobitt J Tobler & Doe Tobler J Toby Keith Toby Wine Tocchi G Toch Toch E Toczek N Todd Todd D Todd Howard Todd Johnson Todd L Todd Slaughter Todd W Todzy J Toeplitz K Toeschi Toeschi C Toff N Tofft A Toft R Togni Togni C Togobitsky V Tohno S Toja G Tokunaga H Tolan G Tolbecque A Toldra Toldra A Toldra E Tolhurst Tolhurst H Tolksdorf & Rosler Toller E Tollet Mr Tolley Tolou J Tolstoy D Tom Ball Tom Hapke Tom Hirst Tom Jackson Tom Jones Tom Jones & Mousse Tom Jones / Stereophonics Tom Lubin Tom Paxton Tom Petty Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tom Robinson Band Tom Rush Tom Waits Tomaro Tomaro M Tomas Cruz Tomaschek Tomasek J Tomasek V Tomasi H Tomasini Tomasini L Tomaszewski Tomba D Tombacher R Tomblings P Tomer W Tomes A Tomesini G Tomin Cash & Reeves Tomkin Tomkins Tomkins / Simpson Tomkins J Tomkins T Tomlin Tomlin & Giglio Tomlin & Luther Tomlin Giglio & Redman Tomlins Tomlins G Tomlinson Tomlinson D Tomlinson E Tomlinson G Tommasini Tommasini V Tommay Emmanuel Tommis Tommy Dorsey Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Igoe Tommy Udo Tommy Walsh Ton-That T Tonazzi B Tongue R Toni Braxton Toni O Tonka M Tony Bacon Tony Bennett Tony Christie & Peter Kay Tony Ellis Tony Esposito Tony Fletcher Tony Hatch Tony Trischka Toolan Tooley J Toop R Tootell G Toovey A Topango Topff Topham Topham W Topliff R Toplis G Toploader Topper Topper G Torch Torche C Torchio B Tore Torelli Torelli & Manfredini Torelli F Torelli G Tori Amos Torian C Torjussen Torke M Torme Torme & Wells Torme M Tormia Tormis Tormis V Tornius V Torok Torok A Toronen M Torrance W Torre I Torrebruno L Torrent Torrent J Torrent M Torres J Torri P Torriani A Torrim J Torris F Torroba Torroba F Torroba M Tortelier Tortelier P Torti G Tortora G Torzsok B Tosar Errecart H Tosatti V Toschi Toselli Toselli E Toshi Tosi & Agricola Tosi D Tosi G Tosi P Toskana Tost T Tosti Tosti F Tosti P Total Guitar Toth S Toto Tottle Touche J Touchemoulin J Touchette C Touchi M Touchin Toulmouche F Toulon & Brouquieres Toulon & Mallie Toulon & Vernier Toulon J Toulouse-Delpeuch C Touma H Tourey E Tournemire A Tournemire C Tourneur G Tournier F Tournier M Tournus M Tours B Tourte R Tovey Tovey B Tovey D Tovim & Harper Towarnicki Tower Tower J Tower Joan Tower of Power Towers Towhnsend P Towle Townend Townend & Getty Townend S Towner R Townsend Townsend B Townsend D Townsend R Townshend S Towse R Tozer A Tozer F Tozzi U Trabacci G Trabaci G Tracey I Tracey S Tracey Ullman Trachier O Tracie Track Track G Tracy Chapman Tracy M Tracy S Trad Traditional Traeder & Schwarz Traeg Traeg J Traerup-Sark E Traetta T Trafford B Trafford E Tragas Tragically Hip Traiger Traiger L Train Trajkovic V Tral-W Tramps Tran F Tranche Tranchell P Translateur R Trant Trant B Trantov H Trapp Family Trapp L Trapp M Trapt Traum Traum A Traum B Traum H Traums H Traveling Wilburys Travers Travers / Wesley Travers A Traversa L Travis Travis & Flint Travis M Travis T Travlos M Travolta J Travolta J / Newton-John O Trayter Treacher Treacher G Trebinsky A Trede Trede Y Tredici D Tregian F Trego H Trehard J Treharne B Treiber F Treibm Treibmann K Treille G Treitler L Tremai Tremain Trembath H Tremblay Tremblay G Tremblay S Tremblot de la Croix F Tremer J Tremi R Treml Tremois M Trench G Trenet C Trenner Trenner F Trenner S Trepard E Trepte Trepte & Russill Trepte P Trepulka J Tres Treschak A Trevalsa J Trevani Trevor Trevor C Trevor Salloum Trew A Trew C Trexle Trexler G Trezise S Tri Yann Tria Trickett A Tricklir J Tricot C Tridemy A Triebensee Triebensee G Triebensee J Trieder J Triepels P Trifun Trillon A Trim J Trimble Trimble J Trimble L Trinder W Trinity College Trinity Guildhall Trinkley Trinkley B Triplets Tripp H Trischka Trischka T Trish Morgan Trissina A Tritant G Trith S Troeger & Raney Troeger T Troiani T Troiani Tudertino G Troilo A Trojahn Trojahn M Trojan V Troje Trojelli A Trojhan M Trombetta & Beutler Trombey J Tromli Tromlitz Tromlitz J Tromp B Tromp H Tromp S Tropf W Trory & Mays Trory R Trotere Trotman A Trotman W Trotsuk Trotsuk B Trott Trott J Trotter W Troubat G Trouselle J Trovajoli A Trovato G Trovato S Trowell Trowell A Trower T Troxell Troy Stetina Troyte A Trubel & Schroter Trubel G Trubitt Trubitt D Trubitt R Trucco E Truchot & Meriot Trudelle M Trudu A True E Trued Truhlar J Truhn H Truillard R Truillet-Soyer M Truman P Trumbull W Trumpf K Trumpy Trunk Truppe Truscott Truscott H Trusler Trust H Trykar J Trythall Tscemberdschi Tschaikov B Tschaikovsky Tschebotarjan G Tschesnokoff Tschesnokoff P Tsitsaros C Tsoi V Tsontakis Tsontakis G Tsouyopoulos G Tsukatani A Tsunoda T Tsvetkov I Tsygankov A Tsypin G Tsytovich V Tubb Tubb A Tubb M Tucapski A Tucapsky Tucapsky A Tucapsky P Tucher Tucker Tucker C Tucker G Tucker K Tucker M Tucker R Tucker Rhoda J Tucker S Tuckett C Tuckwell B Tuerk Tuerk D Tueuer E-S Tuhec I Tukiainen Tulacek R Tulev T Tulindberg Tull F Tulou Tulou J Tulou J-L Tuma F Tumpert Tunder Tunder F Tune Tunger A Tunley Tunley D Tunnard T Tunney Tunney & Tunney Tuomela Tupac Tupopenberg Turchi G Turellier J Turetzky Turetzky B Turges E Turin Brakes Turina Turina J Turini Turini G Turino T Turk Turk D Turk H-P Turk R Turk-Espitalier A Turkin M Turkina E Turlet A Turley S Turley S Turnage Turnage M Turnage M-A Turnbull Turnbull D Turnbull F Turnbull K Turnbull N Turnbull P Turner Turner B Turner D Turner E Turner G Turner I & T Turner J Turner K Turner M Turner O Turner P Turner R Turner T Turner W Turok P Turpin Turpin E Turpin T Turrentine S Turrin J Turtles Turull X Turvey Tusa M Tuschewitzki S Tusovka Tustin W Tuthill Tuthill B Tuthill, B Tutin Tutor Tutschku H Tutt D Tuttle Tuur Tuur E Tuur E-S Tveitt Twain S Twardowski R Twarz Tweed A Twelker & Schmitt Twentiana Twigg D Twinn Twinn S Twinning Twiselton S Twittenhoff Twittenhoff W Twittenhoff( Twombly M Twomey K Ty Mam Duw Tydeman W Tye Tye / Handel Tye C Tye H Tyer N Tyetieryev M Tyler Tyler & Sparks Tyler B Tyler C Tyler J Tyler M Tymoczko D Tyndare-Gruyer Type O Negative Tyra T Tyrell Tyrell H Tyrrell Tyrrell J Tyrrell R Tyson & Scott Tyssens A Tyzik J Tzanou A Tzigane Tzschoppe E