The list of composers featuring in the Sheet Music Hound catalogue is, unsurprisingly, long! This page is provided in case you wish to locate a name, but it is normally easier to use the hound's search box. Please note that when clicking a link, we search for composer names incorporating the name entered, so "Bach" will present: JS Bach, CPE Bach, etc.


Wachinger R Wachinger, Reinhard Wachs Wachs P Wachsmann J Wachtel L Wachtell E Waddington Waddington P Waddington S Wade Wade B Wade D Wade J Wadeley Wadeley F Wadely F Wadleigh Wadleigh M Wadsworth Waelrant H Waesich C Wagenaar B Wagenaar J Wagener G Wagenhauser W Wagenheim G Wagenhofer L Wagenmakers S Wagenmann Wagenseil Wagenseil G Wagensiel Wagenvoort A Waggershsn S Waghalter H Wagner Wagner W Wagner & Akers Wagner & Gaither Wagner / Mendelssohn Wagner A Wagner C Wagner D Wagner D Wagner E Wagner G Wagner H Wagner H Wagner J Wagner L Wagner M Wagner N Wagner R Wagner S Wagner T Wagner W Wagner-Regeny Wagner-Regeny R Wagner; Gould Wagner; Mendelssohn Wagnes E Wagness Wagness B Wahlich Wahren K Wahren K-H Waignein Waignein & Schoonenbeek Waignein A Wain Wain G Wainberg M Wainwright & Hedger Wainwright R Wairata R Waiss E Waissel Waissel M Waite G Waite Mi Waites E Waits Wakefield & Edgar Wakefield & Quick Wakefield A Wakeley Wakeley T Waksman F Wal-Berg Walbrecker D Walch J Walcha H Walckiers Walckiers E Walczynski F Wald E Waldau H Walden Walden D Walden III C Walden N M Walden S Walden V Waldenby M Waldman R Waldock W Waldoff J Waldrop Waldrop T Waldteufel Waldteufel - Helyer J Waldteufel E Walentynowicz W Walford Walford Davies Walford Davies H Walford Davies W F & H Walford-Davies Walke Walker Walker & Chamberlain Walker A Walker B Walker C Walker D Walker E Walker F Walker G Walker Hezekiah Walker J Walker L Walker M Walker R Walker Rob Walker S Walker W WalkerA A Walkley C Wall & Dome Wall M Wallace Wallace & Miller Wallace H Wallace J Wallace T Wallace V Wallace W Wallach Wallach H Wallas H Wallbank Wallen Wallen E Wallenborn Waller Waller & Tunbridge Waller F / Barry Manilow Waller T Wallez & Dupont Wallfisch B Wallflowers Wallich I Wallin R Wallington G Wallis Wallis J Wallisch H Walliser C Wallma Wallmann J Walls P Walmisley Walmisley H Walmisley T Walmsley Walmsley F Walmsley T WalmsleyT Waln Waloond W Walpurgis M Walser R Walsh Walsh L Walsh M Walsh M. Walsh S Walsh T Walshaw R Walshawe R Walshe M Walsworth I Walt Disney Walte Walter Walter D Walter F Walter G Walter H Walter I Walter J Walter K Walter L Walter M Walter O Walter S Walter W Walter-Florsdorf R Walters Walters B Walters C Walters D Walters E Walters G Walters H Walters L Walters R Walters S Walters W Walth G Walthe Walther D Walther G Walther J Walthew Walthew R Walthew R W Walton Walton J Walton K Walton M Walton O'Donnell B Walton S Walton W Waltons Waly Waly Wambold Wammes Wanamaker Wanausek Wanczura J Wanda Jackson Wandelt Wanderlih Wanders J Wanders-Boer Wanders-Hoogenberg Wandrelle E Wanek Wang An-Ming Wang L Wang M Wangen Wangenheim H Wangler R Wanhal J Wanhall Wanne K Wansborough H Wanske Wanzura Wappel R Warbeck S Warburton A Warburton J Ward Ward & Schwarz Ward A Ward C Ward D Ward H Ward Howe & Steffe Ward J Ward N Ward R Ward S Ward-Casey S Ward-Higgs W Ward-Howe Ward-Steinman D Wardale H Wardale J Wardlow G Ware J Ware L Wareing H Wares A Waring & Gilbert Waring F Waring K Warkentin L Warland Warlock Warlock B Warlock P Warms F Warner Warner A Warner Alan Warner H Warner P Warner T Warner V Warner-Bradbury Warnock Warnock F Warr J Warrack Warrack & West Warrack G Warrack J Warrack M Warrell Warrell A Warren Warren & Dubin Warren & Emerson Warren & Gordon Warren & Hill Warren Bernhardt Warren C Warren D Warren E Warren G Warren H Warren N Warren P Warren S Warren W Warrenton Warrick & Marsh Warrington Warrington J Warrington; Fenno Warschauer M Warshauer M Warson G Wartberg K Wartelle & Screve Wartelle R Wartelle T Wartensee Warwick D Wasburn M Washburn Washburn J Washburn R Washington D Washington G Jr Washut B Wasner Wasp Wassell R Wasserman B Wasserman-Margolis E Wassmus H Wasson Wasson J Wastall Wastall P Watanabe R Watanabe-O'Kelly H Watelle J Waterer R Waterfield & Beach Waterfield & Lubach Waterfield P Waterhouse Waterhouse W Waterman & Harewood Waterman D Waterman F Waterman S Waters Waters C Waters H Waters K Waterson Waterson J Waterworth R Watkin A Watkins Watkins D Watkins G Watkins H Watkinson & Anderson Watkinson P Watling R Watrous Watrous & Raph Watson Watson B Watson D Watson E Watson G Watson J Watson M Watson P Watson R Watson S Watson T Watson W Watt H Watters Watters C Watters M Watts Watts & Dodd Watts & Forster Watts & Hudson Watts & Lewis Watts A Watts C Watts H Watts S Watts W Watz Watz F Wauchope-Stewart D Waud J Waugh Waugh I Waulfl Waumsley S Wauters C Wax Way A Waygood C Wayne Wayne B Wayne C Wayne H Wayne Hector & Steve Mac: Wayne K Wayne Shorter Wayward W Weait Weait C Weale M Wearmouth Weast Weather Girls Weatherhead G Weatherhead J Weatherley F Weatherly & Wood Weatherly F Weaver Weaver & Chusid Weaver & Puccini Weaver J Weaver J Weaver M Webb Webb & Bosanko Webb & Drewe Webb & Leeke Webb B Webb E Webb G Webb J Webb M Webb T Webbe S Webber Webber & Thistlethwaite Webber G Webber L Webber W Weber Weber B Weber & Garrett Weber & Lowry Weber & Osling Weber & Ostling Weber & Ployhar Weber & Porter Weber & Swanson Weber & Vincent Weber A Weber B Weber C Weber C M Weber D Weber F Weber G Weber H Weber I Weber J Weber L Weber R Weber W Weber; Beethoven Weber; Stamitz Weber; Wagner Webern Webern A Websch Webster Webster & King Webster B Webster D Webster J Webster M Webster P Weck Weck D Wecker K Weckerlin J Weckl Weckl D Weckmann J Weckmann M Wedderburn Wedernikov Wedgwood & Needle Wedgwood O & S Wedgwood P Wedig H Wedlich U Weed Weedon P Weekland Weekley & Arganbright Weeks Weeks G Weeks J Weelke Weelkes Weelkes T Weelks G Weepers Circus Weese D Weezer Wegele P Wegman R Wegmann T Wegwei Wehle Wehle K Wehle R Wehlte A Wehmeyer Wehner R Wehr D Wehr J Wehril W Wehrle H Wehrli W Weichnacht Weideman C Weidemann Weidemann K Weider Weidlich J Weidmann L Weigart Weigel H Weigert D Weigl J Weigle C Weijmans I Weikart Weil Weil K Weiland J Weilburg Weiler Weill Weill G Weill K Weill; Bizet Weiller E Weiller M Weinberg A Weinberg J Weinberg N Weinberger Weinberger J Weiner Weiner L Weiner S Weingarden L Weinhardt H Weinhart C Weinlig Weinmann Weinmann A Weinmann W Weinrauch E Weinreich Weinreich J Weinreich W Weinreis H Weinstat & Wechsler Weinstock H Weintraub A Weinwurm Weinzierl & Wachter Weinzweig J Weir Weir & Monteverdi Weir J Weir M Weis F Weis J Weisberg A Weise D Weisenberg M Weiser A Weiser G Weisgall H Weiskopf W Weismann Weismann J Weismann W Weiss Weiss & Douglas Weiss & Thirle Weiss E Weiss F Weiss H Weiss J Weiss M Weiss P Weiss Peretti & Creatore Weiss R Weiss S Weiss W Weiss-Steinberg H Weissbacher G Weissberg D Weissel & Prichard Weissenborn Weissenborn J Weissing M Weissman Weissman & Fox Weissman D Weissmann Weist S Weitz Weitz G Welch C Welch D Welch Lucy M Welch R Welcher D Welcher D. Welcker G Welcker M Weldon Weldon A Weldon J Weldy D Welffens P Welham C Welin K-E Welk J Welk L Welker G Well D Wellejus H Weller Weller P Wellesley G Wellesz Wellesz & Sternfeld Wellesz & Sternfield Wellesz E Wells Wells E Wells J Wells M Welsch H Welsh F Welsh S Wen Wen D-Q Wen E Wenborn M Wenborn W Wendel E Wendel M Wendling Wendling J Wendling P Wendt H Wengler M Weninger Wennink E Wenrich Wenrich P Wenth J Wenzel Wenzel E Wenzel H Wenzel-Hause Wenzinger A Werckmeister A Werder Werdin Werdin E Werle F Wermann F Wermel B Wern F Werner Werner A Werner F Werner G Werner H Werner J Werner K Werner M Werner P Werner S Werner-Jensen A Werner-Kersten M Wernick Wernick R Wernick R. Wert Werthe Wertheim R Wertsch N Werum A Wery N Werzla Wes Montgomery Wesley Wesley C Wesley & Archer Wesley C Wesley S Wesley-Smith Wesley; Best Wesly E Wessels M Wessely Wessely H Wessman West West & Goldman West J West M West Sir J Westbr Westbrook Westbrook F Westbrook V Westbrook W Westcott F Westendorf T Westenholz E Wester Westera Westera A Westergaard S Westermann H Western J Westernhagen Westervelt M Westholf J Westlife Weston Weston & Barnes Weston & Ward Weston H Weston M Weston O Weston P Westphal L Westra Westrott H Westrup Westrup J Westwood Westwood P Wet Wet Wet Wet! Wet! Wet! Wetherell E Wetherick Wetherill D Wettlaufer Wetton D Wettstein Wetzel R Wetzger Wetzle Wetzler R Wetzstein Wexler M Weyna Weynandt M Weyrauch Weyrauch J Weyrich F Weyse C Weyts H Whale Whalum Whaluml Wham Wham! Wharton-Emms K What Hits? Whear P Wheatcroft J Wheater T Wheaton Wheeler Wheeler B Wheeler C Wheeler G Wheeler J Wheeler K Wheeler L Wheeler M Wheeler T Whelan B Whelan J Whelan P Whenham J Whettam G Wheway & Thompson Whibley Whicher Whifield & Strong Whigfield Whigham J Whigham O Whipp Whishaw Whispers Whistler Whistler & Hummel Whistler & Hummell Whiston & Miller Whitacre Whitacre E Whitaker Whitaker-Wilson C Whitbeck Whitbourn Whitbourn J Whitbourn M Whitbroke W Whitburn V Whitby Whitcomb I White White & Daw White A White B White D White F White H White I White J White L White Lion White M White N White P White Pearse & Sanderson White Ph White R White S White T White W White Zombie Whitefield B Whitehead Whitehead A Whitehead H Whitehead J Whitehead K Whitehead P Whitehill E Whitehouse & Tabb Whitehouse C Whiteley Whiteley J Whitesell L Whitesett Whiteside A Whitesnake Whitfield Whitfield J Whitfield M Whitford Whiting & Moret Whiting C Whiting R Whiting S Whitlock Whitlock & Court Whitlock G Whitlock L Whitlock P Whitlock R Whitlock V Whitman Whitmore L Whitmore P Whitney Whitney Houston Whitney Houston/ / George Mich Whitney J Whitney M Whitney R Whittaker Whittaker R Whittaker W Whittall A Whittemore J Whittenberg Whittenberg C Whitter M Whittey Houston Whittington C Whitton J Whitton K Whitworth A Whitworth J Whltlock Whoopi Goldberg Whyte Whyte R Whythorne Whythorne T Wibberley R Wiberny H Wible M Wick D Wicke Wicke & Ziegenrue Wicke P Wicken N Wickenhausser Wickens D Wickens F Wickes Wickham B Wickham J Wickins F Wickins M Wicklind B Wicklund B Widaszek Widawska Widdecombe Widdess R Widdicombe Widdicombe T Widdoes L Widerkehr J Widger Widger & Goddard Widger J Widicombe Widiez R Widlak Widlak W Widlak W Widman Widmann Widmann B Widmann E Widmann J Widmoser Widor Widor C Widor C-M Widor C-V Widor CM Wiechowicz Wiechowicz K Wieck F Wiedemann Wiedemann L Wiedermann Wiedermann B Wiedermann L Wiedoeft Wiedoeft R Wiedrich W Wiegand M Wiegold P Wiel Wielecki Wiemer W Wien Wienandt Wienandt E Wienawski Wienawski H Wiener J Wiener S Wieniavski H Wieniawiski H Wieniawski Wieniawski H Wieniawski H & J Wieniawski Henryk Wieniawski J Wieniawski; Sarasate Wieniawskicer Wieniawsky H Wiensenberg Wiernsberger J Wieruszowski L Wierzbillowicz A Wiese W Wiesemann B Wiesenfeldt Wiesenthal J Wiessenborn Wiff A Wiggins Wiggins B Wiggins B Wiggins C Wigglesworth F Wigglesworth R Wightman Wightman A Wignell E Wigy F Wijdeveld W Wijinkamp L Wikmanson J Wilaert A Wilberg M Wilbert H Wilbra Wilbur Wilbur Smith Wilby Wilby D Wilby P Wilby PBach J S Wilbye Wilbye J Wilco Wilcock Wilcock A Wilcox G Wild Wild Cherry Wild E Wild J Wild West Wildberger Wildberger J Wilde E Wilde K Wilden & Huesgen Wilder Wilder A Wilder M Wildgans Wildhorn Wildhorn F Wildhrn & Knighton Wilding Wildman Wildman P Wildmann J Wiley Wiley R Wilfert B Wilford Wilhelm K Wilhelm L Wilhelm R Wilhelmj A Wilhelms Wilhousky Wiliford Wilke G Wilken Wilkens Wilkenschildt G Wilkerson K Wilkin Wilkin & Kristofferson Wilkins J Wilkins M Wilkinson Wilkinson & Chen Wilkinson & Gout Wilkinson & Hart Wilkinson A Wilkinson M Wilkinson P Wilkinson R Wilkinson S Wilkomirski Wilks Will Ashurst Will Jennings Will M Will Mellor Will R Will Smith Will Young Willaert Willaert A Willams J Willan Willan H Willans P Willard Noland & Ferguson Willcock Willcocks Willcocks & Byrt Willcocks & Rutter Willcocks D Willcocks G Willcocks J Willcocks Jacques & Vaugan Williams Willcocks; Jacques; Vaughan Williams Wille G Willeart Willeby Willeby J Willemetz A Willems E Willems J Willems L Willert Willert-Orff Willett Willey Willi Willi H Willi L William William & Atkinson William Clarke William G William Joseph William Kirkpatrick William Sheller William Tiger Fitzhugh William Westney Williamon A Williams Williams P Williams & Beck Williams & Drennan Williams & Featherstone Williams & Gange Williams & Graham Williams & Laoire Williams & Martin Williams & McMillan Williams & Nichols Williams & Page Williams A Williams B Williams C Williams D Williams F Williams G Williams H Williams H - The Carpenters Williams J Williams K Williams L Williams M Williams N Williams P Williams R Williams S Williams T Williams V Williams W Williams-Wimberly Williams; Martin Williamson Williamson A Williamson D Williamson J Williamson M Williamson R Williamson T Willie Willie Nelson Willink A Willis Willis A Willis B Willis D Willis G Willis M Willis R Willis Russell & Bray Willison Willliams Willman Willmott R Willms Willne Willnecker H Willner Willner A Willome H Willoughby F Wills Wills & MacDougall Wills & Quine Wills A Wills B Wills G Wills S Willscher A Willsher P Willson Willson M Wilm Wilm N Wilmer C Wilmott B Wilms Wilms J Wilsing D Wilske H Wilson Wilson & Baker Wilson & Burton Wilson & Ehret Wilson & Hedger Wilson & Knox Wilson & Love Wilson & Miles Wilson & Ranger Wilson & Rosamond Wilson & Viola Wilson A Wilson B Wilson C Wilson Corniel Wilson D Wilson E Wilson H Wilson I Wilson J Wilson J Wilson L Wilson M Wilson M Wilson P Wilson R Wilson S Wilson T Wilson-Dickson A Wilson-Hyde E Wilson-Smith C Wiltgen R Wilton N Wiltshire C Wimber Wimberger Wimberger G Winbeck H Wincenc C Winckel Windham Winding Winding A Windrush P Windsor Windsor B Windsperger Windsperger L Winer; Schubert; Saint-Saens Winfield & Thompson Winfrey Wing & A Prayer Wingell Winger Wingfield P Wingham T Wings Winkel & Turba Winkel H-H Winkelhake A Winkelman Winkelmann, Rainer Winkelmuller P Winkle Winkler Winkler F Winkler G Winkler K Winn Winn C Winn R Winner J Winning Winnubst J Winslow R Winstead K Winston & Keith Winston G Winter Winter & Arch Winter J Winter P Winter Scott & Halley Winter-Owens Winterbottom Winteregg S Winters Winters & Northfield Winters G Winters G & L Winters R Winterson Winterson J Winterson Nickol & Bricheno Winther R Winwood S Wiren D Wirth H Wischer K-H Wischnegradsky I Wise Wise Guys Wise M Wise N WiseM Wiseman & Northcote Wiseman C Wiseman D Wiseman F Wiseman H Wiser L Wishart Wishart P Wishart T Wissinger K Wissma Wissmer P Withams E Withers Withers B Withey Witkowsky G Witt Witt A Witt C Witt F Witte G Wittemeier R Witten D Wittgenstein Wittig Wittinger R Wittmer E Wittrich Wittrich P Wittry D Wladigeroff P Wladigerov P Wlliiams A Woefli J Woehl Woehr Woellner Woestyn P Woezel H Wohl W Wohler L Wohlfa Wohlfahrt Wohlfahrt F Wohlfahrt H Wohlfahrt K Wohlfahrt R Wohlge Wohlgemuth Wohllahrt F Wohlwender U Wohrlin D Woideck C Wojciechowska Z Wojciechowski Wojitowicz P Wojtowicz B Wolaver Wold W Wold WL Woldike M Wolf Wolf C Wolf E Wolf Ferrari Wolf H Wolf K Wolf Maahn Wolf Marshall Wolf Marshall: Wolf P Wolf R Wolf S Wolf White P Wolf, H Wolf-Ferrari Wolf-Ferrari E Wolfahdt H Wolfe Wolfe L Wolfenden G Wolff Wolff & Whittall Wolff & Zepf Wolff A Wolff C Wolff D Wolff E Wolff G Wolff H Wolff J Wolff J-C Wolff S Wolffh Wolfgang Wolfgang G Wolfgarten H Wolfhahrt F Wolfman B Wolfmother Wolford Wolfrum P Wolfsohn M Wolfson M Wolgem Wolki Wolking H Woll Woll E Wollanck F Wollenberg S Wollenhaupt Wolpe Wolpe S Wolschina R Wolstenholme Wolstenholme W Wolters Wolters & Istvanffy Wolters C Wolters G Wolters K Wolters K-H Womack Wonacott G Wonder S Wonderful World Wong & Embleton Wong S Woo Wood Wood H Wood & Henry Wood A Wood B Wood C Wood D Wood E Wood F Wood G Wood H Wood J Wood L Wood M Wood N Wood R Wood S Wood T Woodall A Woodbury Woodbury A Woodcock Woodcock R Woodcook Woodfield I Woodfield R Woodforde Finden Woodforde-Finde Woodforde-Finden A Woodgate Woodgate L Woodham R Woodhouse Woodhouse C Woodle J Woodley R Woodman J Woodruff Woodruff F Woods Woods A Woods D Woods J Woods P Woods R Woods S Woods T Woodstock Woodward Woodward & Fletcher Woodward G Woody Herman Woody Mann Woof R Woolf & Skinner Woolfenden G Woolfson & Parsons Woolle Woollen Woollen R Woollett H Woolley F Woolley H Woolrich D Woolrich J Woolway C Woorinen C Wooster & Smith Wooten Wooten & Beauford Wootton & Hedger Wootton D Worden Wordsworth Wordsworth W Worff F Woring I Work Work H Work J Workbook World Wrestling Federation Worlds Apart Worley Worley J Wormesel Worms C Wormser A Worp Worroll T Worschech R Worth Worth M Worthen D Worthington M Woschitka F Wostenholm M Wotquenne A Woud N Wouters Woyrsch F Woytowicz Wozny Wraniczky Wranitzky Wranitzky P Wreede K Wreford R Wrembel S Wren Wren & Carter Wren & Heafield Wren & Marcus Wren & Schalk Wren B Wren B Wren G Wright Wright & Forrest Wright & Vanhecke Wright & Forres Wright & Forrest Wright & Frankel Wright B Wright C Wright D Wright E Wright F Wright G Wright I Wright K Wright L Wright M Wright P Wright R Wright S Wright T Wright-Greaves H Wrubel & Gilbert Wuensch Wuensch C Wuertz Wuhrer Wuilleme J Wullner F Wulstan Wulstan D Wummer J Wunderlich H Wunderlich K Wundrak C Wundrich Wunsch Wunsch I Wunschmann T Wuopio D Wuorinen Wuorinen C Wurfel W Wurm V Wurm W Wurmser L Wurmser R Wurz A Wurz R Wurzburger W Wustho Wusthoff Wusthoff K Wustin Wustin A Wustrow A Wuthier Wuttke Wuytack Wuytack J Wyatt & Johnson Wyatt & Schroeder Wyatt J Wyatt K Wyatt V Wyble & Hershman Wye Wye & Morris Wye & Morrls Wye J Wye T Wyers WyeT Wylbert B Wylbert Brown Wyld S Wylie Wyllie S W├╝llner F Wyman A Wyn Jones D Wynberg S Wyner Y Wynette & Sherrill Wynette T Wynne Wynton Marsalis Wyrtzen D Wyschnegradsky Wyschnegradsky I Wyss-Feschotte Wyssenbach Wystraete B Wyton Wyton A Wyttenbach Wyttenbach J